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  1. PAUL

    TKS for the very nice site… I make the IF 1000MP modification… run very well with a SDR-IQ RF SPACE and softrock 455khz.. 1822 xtal !

    I MAKE NOW some very pretty ” macro ” for mixwin and sdr+1000mp very fantastic for split operation..

    next splitter and filter from you ..

    73 and tks again… I pass your adress site to my freind JEFF F6AOJ AOJOURNAL..ON THE WEB…

  2. Jeff F6AOJ

    Hi Tobias,
    your idea is excellent,
    so my way with it is here :

    Again congratulations and thanks

    Jeff F6AOJ

    • Tobias

      Hey Jeff,
      thanks for the link to your webpage. I just checked it and I like the idea with the cinch plug at the back of the FT-1000MP. I can definitely recommend everyone to have a look to your side!

      73, Tobias

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