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  1. PAUL

    VSPE run ok and very easy to configure it.

    BUT I never a running right with 2 softwares if each have a waterfall…

    the maxi config.

    mixwin + dxbase+atlas+rttyrite ( from writelog)+spectravue (soft panoramique for SDR-IQ no rs232 used

    I read “langsam” your solution

    73 paul F5QE

  2. Lup

    Hello Tobias!
    tnx for this nice page. I do like your clean design and the praezise writen explanations very much.
    Keep up the gus work!
    55 de Lup DJ7SW/DL0KF

  3. Sotiris SV1BDO

    Very well written article Tobias!
    Have you tried to add in the above configuration a software (Winrad or PowerSR-IQ) that will control an external SDR receiver, like PM-SDR? What will be the VSPE settings?
    Have you tried your debugging procedure with other transceivers, like Kenwoods or Icoms?

    73, Sotiris SV1BDO

    • Tobias

      Hey Sotiris,

      no, I just did the debugging on the Yaesu FT1000MP. Since the FT1000MP is one of the few radios with two real receivers, this problem might only occur on a few more Ham Radio Transceivers.

      In my FT1000MP I used a fixed frequency softrock clone. Since the IF frequency is always fixed (455kHz) there was no need to connect a tunable receiver to its Intermediate Frequency.

  4. HA1AG

    UFB analysis and troubleshooting. Toby! I’m experimenting with VSPE as my N8VB driver stopped functioning since the last XP update. 73 zoli ha1ag

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