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  1. Alexey Ogorodov

    Another master piece, bro… The question is: will it work on 160 with a preamp?

    • Tobias (DH1TW)

      good question Alex! I’ll try it next time!

  2. Peter DF1LX

    Nice – how was your fullsize DeltaLoop build? Horizontal?
    I use a 40m vertical build DeltaLoop and can use the preamplifier – the total noise is really low compared to a (ok not very good) G5RV – which was existing some time before shreddered :) I will change to a 2 Ele. Delta Loop for 40m – must be a little bit better :)
    Greetings and have fun in Friedrichshafen Peter 1LX

  3. mich on8dm


    I v made the antenna before it was published in the 5th edition of the low band dxing book…To make a long story short . The antenna is not working as advertised or published.Even with the best care the antenna is performing in line like a EWE or a K9ay.. The published figures as on Johns LB ding book are wrong.. plots are made on wrong ground and are misleading ..If your lucky you get a bit directivity but that is going to be it….Mich on8dm

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