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  1. Dan

    good job, Tobias.

  2. Davor Kordic

    Hello I am owner of the LD 1-a from Lazy Dog Co. and made several SWL contests with it’s.Use Winrad 1.6.1. and SWL DQR Logger on the same window of Toshiba Satellite L 500 – 1 FW with External Creative Lab X-FI 24 bit Sound Card.I have to say that can’t automaticly work on contests because the windows of the programs mentioned above covered same screen (time loosing) expresing in later phase of contest.
    Next problem is button sensitive impression of band changing which was discused before from Tobias software for DJ console used for HAM’s (Tks Tobias). Visite us on http://9a7t.weebly.com (IOTA champs)
    I made DR2+ receiver from Tasić Siniša project and small ZETA SDR for 40m. It works well. It works nice with Rocky program. With CW skimmer works perfect and I was realy satisfied.
    Now I work on the SDR HF TX DT2A explained from YU1LM/QRP Tasa to connect with DR2++ mentioned above. What I need in this moment is good PLL Oscillator in a range for short wave listeners ( don’t forget 4xf it’s from 7MHz – 120 MHz). FIFI SDR is one step UP for develope the SDR World.Tks a lot.Davor 9A4kj

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