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FA-SDR-TRX part #3 – the Transmitter


In the third article we will have a deeper look into the TX path of the FA-SDR-TRX. All components will be discussed, including the optional 1 Watt amplifier.

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FA-SDR-TRX part #2 – The Receiver

FA-SDR-TRX-Software-Defined-Radio-PCBAfter a systems view on the FA-SDR-TRX, it’s time to go into more detail. This post is dedicated to FA-SDR-TRX’s receiver.

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FA-SDR-TRX part #1 – Systems View

FA-SDR-TRX-Software-Defined-Radio-PCBThe FA-SDR-TRX is an allband low cost software defined radio. The FA-SDR-TRX was created by Harald DL2EWN an described in an article series in the German Ham Radio Magazine Funkamateur. After the big success of the single band kits like Softrock, SDR4080 or Genesis, the FA-SDR-TRX is the next step in the evolution of SDR kits. Thanks to the support of Harald I’m able to provide a detailed description of the concept behind FA-SDR-TRX.

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My (bad) experiences with

Audible Problems I’m a fan of Audio Products. I’m daily listening to Music and Podcasts produced by both, amateurs and professionals. In preparation of the upcoming vacations, I decided to finally make a step out of the Itunes store and to signup for an account.

24 Hours later I’m deeply disappointed up and I just canceled my membership.

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