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A Ham’s Night before Christmas

Just stumbled over this awesome poem, written by KN4AQ. It just fits so perfectly into the season. Merry Christmas my dear readers!

Disc Jockeys influence on SDR

SDR and DJ ConsoleThe User Interface of computers suck when it comes to Radio Controlling. In January 2010 I got so annoyed by being forced to control the radio with keyboard and mouse that I finally decided to look for something else. Now, almost one year later I’m happy that I can present you an interesting alternative. The interface costs less than 100 USD, is commercially available and improves the overall SDR experience significantly.

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The other side of the pileup where I’d like to be!

Thanks to Dan, KB6NU for posting the link to this neat video. Col. Doug Wheelock, KF5BOC gives a 20 minute tour through the International Space Station. After the tour he makes some contacts in a FM pileup from the russian part of the space station where the Ham Radio equipment is located. The Video is available in an excellent quality (720px HDTV) and worth watching on the big plasma screen in your living room.

Geeky Ham’s Christmas gift guide

Xmas Presents for geeksDear geeky reader, it’s time to think about Christmas gifts! In case you are struggling for a nice present this year, let me make you some suggestions!

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Does SDR really suck?

How does it come that such a promising technology like SDR just does not take off? SDR promises great transceiver performance, flexibility for an affordable price. So what is the problem? Read on!

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OZ1AA Cycling around the world

A couple of days ago my friend & fellow contester Thomas, OZ1AA left Denmark on his bycicle towards the amazing destiny of Sydney, Australia. Thomas has currently reached the Ukraine. thomas will cycle through countries like Syria, India, Ethiopia, Sudan and Djibuti, just to name the most “interesting” ones.

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SDR Quicktip

This is the Logitech Nano VX Mouse

The audio quality isn’t the best, however I hope you still like this Quicktip!

SDR Cube – Next Generation SDR

SDR Cube by N2APBThe SDR-Cube is a brand new Software Defined Radio which is able to process and (de)modulated RF signals without a PC, but with all the benefits of an SDR. The SDR-Cube was introduced to the public in September during the TAPR Digital Communications Conference (DCC). After going through the presentation I was immediately thrilled by this tiny little cube. From my perspective this device is so important that it desired greater explanation. I’m very happy that the founder George, N2APB volunteered to record an interview with me. The interview lasts about 75 minutes and is full of valuable information, mainly but not only about the SDR-cube. Don’t forget to have a look into the **shownotes **below! [Read more…]

Childhood of an Engineer

Presentation: How new technologies affect the art of contesting

Contest University LogoLast weekend I was invited to speak at the Contest Universtity in Friedrichshafen, Germany. This year I tried to visualize a rather abstract topic, the influence of technologies on the art of contesting.

Mainly two topics are discussed: Information Management and Software Defined Radios.

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