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Vintage style Ham Radio video

Just found a cool vintage style video Ham Radio video on You Tube. Lately Ham Radio Operators had again some press attention (even on CNN) about assisting in communications after the terrible earthquake in Haiti. After having seen the video below, I must admit that the way and the mission haven’t changed much over the years.

Enjoy the video!


Contest station KH7XS for sale!

KH7XU Contesting Antenna TowerAre you looking for an awesome  new property with a “ready-to-go” contest station? Should it be in a DX location, but with western standards? If you just answered these questions with “yes”, then you’ll be interested in this offer! Today, Bill, KH7XS / KH7B announced the sale of his hawaiian property.

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2009: More SDR kits sold than commercial Transceivers?

Softrock kits highly demanded in 2009Did you know that in 2009 more than 6000 Softrock kits have been ordered? Isn’t this an impressive number? Even having no concrete figures how many HF transceivers have been sold this year by the major brands like Yaesu and Icom, the trend is unoverseeable. The popularity of Software Defined Radio has increased significantly in 2009.

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