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Compiling PowerSDR with Visual Studio 2008

I decided to have a deeper look into Flexradio’s SDR Software PowerSDR. PowerSDR is published as open source under the GPL license and was written under Visual Studio 2003 against the old .NET 1.1 Framework. Unfortunately, the code was never migrated to a higher Version of Visual Studio. The last couple of days I had enough time to dive deep into the source code and finally make it compilable under Visual Studio 2008. In this post I’ll share the details with you.

[This article has been updated on 7/April/2010]

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Let’s build a computer!

Security now - How computers work While the average users mainly use the PC to surf  the web and to order every now and a book on Amazon, we, the Amateur Radio community are using PCs much more intensively. Especially in Software Defined Radio appliances, the PC is a central part of the system. So are you aware what DMA, ASM and ROM are? Do You know the difference between L1 and L2 cache? If not, I’ll show you a great way how you can gain a deep understanding without going to college again.

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Do you truly understand the SDR concept?

SDR Concept articleA lot of magazine and articles have already covered the principles of software defined radio. Most of them contain mathematical equations which require a greater level of math. Certainly, without math there would be no SDR, but I believe, that the concept of SDR can also be explained without. Let me show you the SDR concept from a different point of view!

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