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Mounting Drobo under Linux (Ubuntu)

Ubuntu & Drobo TuxWhen I write scripts in Python, I prefer to write them under Linux. I personally use Ubuntu in a Virtual Machine, powered by Sun’s free VirtualBox. There are of course several ways to share data between Linux and Windows but I decided to incorporate my last acquisitions, a Network Attached Storage Device called Drobo / Droboshare. In this post you will read how to connect Linux (Ubuntu 9.10) to your Drobo.

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PMSDR – an interview with IW3AUT

PMSDR This week I had the pleasure to interview Martin, IW3AUT. He’s the developer and founder of the Italian PMSDR Software Defined Radio receiver. In this interview you will get a look inside a successful SDR project. You will read about the design goals, the milestones of the project, the problems which Martin encountered an how he solved them. Enjoy the interview!

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Ever arrived late at work?

Just stumbled over this nice little 5 seconds clip. Enjoy 🙂