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Headsets & Bob Heil’s Story

Bob Heil K9EIDDo you own a Heil headset and have you ever wondered about the story behind Heil Sound? Then this might be of your interest!

While thinking about upgrading my sound equipment to a Heil PR-40 microphone I stumbled over a 15 minute long interview with Bob Heil, K9EID the founder and CEO of Heil Sound, which you should listen to. [Read more…]

The portable dog killer

Security Now! is one of my favorite podcasts and a weekly “must listen”. The heart and soul of this podcast is Steve Gibson. Steve is a true “builder”. Ever since he loved to build stuff. Beside of his “geekiness” he is an excellent writer and story teller. Most of the topics he has already covered (like all flavors of encryption) are still up to date, but there is one episode which deserves special attention: Episode 281 – The portable dog killer. Its a story of Steves youth. Back in these early days, when transistors were still something exciting and new, he built a special kind of (non-lethal) weapon to educate the neighbours dog…. with unforeseen consequences.

The reason why I recommend this particular episode, because it is to entertaining to listen, but also so educating at the same time. He explains in such a great way how much fun it is to actually “build something” instead of playing video games in front of your TV. Gather your friends, your kids or your grandkids  around your stereo and let yourself inspire!