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How PowerSDR-UI users set up their DJ Consoles

FlexRadio Contest Knob alternative PowerSDR-UI lifts the FlexRadio experience to a totally new level. Since the first release of PowerSDR-UI an avid community is forming it selve around the project. Literally, I receive now everyday feedback from new users expressing their appreciation. In this post you will find pictures which have been provided from satisfied PowerSDR-UI users. These pictures shall inspire and help you to set up your DJ Console.

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It’s time to get serious!

Link: Trailer DK0ES VHF Contest May 2011

FiFi SDR – The Interview

FiFi Software defined radio with DF3DCBThe FiFi SDR is a second generation allband HF receiver. Beside it’s QSD it comes with a onboard soundcard and a powerful ARM Cortex M-3 CPU which leaves a lot of room for experiments. I was glad to win Kai-Uwe, DF3DCB one of the FiFi-SDR founders for an interview. Curious? Then download the download the MP3 or subscribe in iTunes to my podcast!

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PowerSDR-UI – knobs for your SDR radio

At the end of last year I announced the “proof” that Software Defined Radios also can have buttons and knobs. At that stage the software was still a prototype and not ready for a public release. In the meantime I was working hard to eliminate bugs and implement further improvements. By today I’m happy to announce the release of PowerSDR-UI beta. This is a call for beta testing. Please feel free to download the software and participate in the beta testing phase!

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Headsets & Bob Heil’s Story

Bob Heil K9EIDDo you own a Heil headset and have you ever wondered about the story behind Heil Sound? Then this might be of your interest!

While thinking about upgrading my sound equipment to a Heil PR-40 microphone I stumbled over a 15 minute long interview with Bob Heil, K9EID the founder and CEO of Heil Sound, which you should listen to. [Read more…]

The portable dog killer

Security Now! is one of my favorite podcasts and a weekly “must listen”. The heart and soul of this podcast is Steve Gibson. Steve is a true “builder”. Ever since he loved to build stuff. Beside of his “geekiness” he is an excellent writer and story teller. Most of the topics he has already covered (like all flavors of encryption) are still up to date, but there is one episode which deserves special attention: Episode 281 – The portable dog killer. Its a story of Steves youth. Back in these early days, when transistors were still something exciting and new, he built a special kind of (non-lethal) weapon to educate the neighbours dog…. with unforeseen consequences.

The reason why I recommend this particular episode, because it is to entertaining to listen, but also so educating at the same time. He explains in such a great way how much fun it is to actually “build something” instead of playing video games in front of your TV. Gather your friends, your kids or your grandkids  around your stereo and let yourself inspire!

VP8ORK Dinner in Buenos Aires

VP8ORK LogoA few days ago I had the honor to be invited for dinner with the VP8ORK Microlite DX-Pedition Team. Before leaving from Ushuaia, southern Argentina towards the Islands of South Orkney the team assembled itself in Buenos Aires. Thanks to the LUCG (LU Contest Group) and especially the help of Claudio, LU7DW we had a fantastic barbecue in one of the famous “parrillas” of Buenos Aires. While writing this, the VP8ORK is already QRV. If you haven’t worked them yet, go and give them a call. Here are a few pictures of this evening:

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SDR Resources

This is a list of SDR related Hardware and Software project. It is intended as a living document and will be updated whenever I encounter a new project or product!

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