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Building and measuring the 2el 160m Array

Last weekend we spend quite some time to prepare our contest station ED1R for the upcoming CQWW 160m contests. The biggest task was the installation of a 2el parasitic Array of two verticals. During the installation I took the time to document the measurement results. Find them with my (preliminary) conculsion in this blog post.

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W7IUV Beverage Pre-Amp (2N5109)

In preparation of the upcoming CQWW 160m Contests my friend Hannes, DK1NO was so kind to give me one of his W7IUV broadband, high IP3 preamplifier. Thanks, Hannes! Without knowing the exact performance data, I ran a few measurements with my Network Analyzer on the amplifier to determine the Gain and it’s operational fitness. Read on for measurement results and additional notes on how to measure active components.

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2el Vertical Array for 160m

In CQWW 160m we are planning again a serious participation. This time we want to errect a 2el vertical Array for 160m towards the US. In this post you will find some detailes regarding our unique situation and some design thoughts.
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HC2/AL1O qrv from Ecuador

 During my stay in Ecuador I was able to operate two days under my US Callsign as HC2/AL1O. Special thanks to my host Alberto, HC2AQ who offered me his shack. Within two days, 1700 QSOs found their way into the log.

 Read on for pictures, online log & QSL information.

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