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SDR – where are we today?

Woman looking through a mangifying glas

At the second HamRadioWeb convention in Bolognia, Italy Claudio, I4LEC has given a great presentation about the current status of SDR. In his presentation he starts with SDR principals then analyzes then the strength and weaknesses of available Software Defined Radios (mainly FlexRadio Products) and finishes with a comparison against TS-590 and Elecraft K3. The presentation is entertaining and informative at the same time. Definitely worth having a look at!

Claudio was so generous the grant the permission to show it on my website!

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Evolution of the DG8SAQ VNWA

With his low cost, high precision Vector Network Analyzer, Tom (DG8SAQ) started a revolution in Ham Radio. Thanks to his efforts, amateur (and professional!) enthusiasts have now the possibility to perform measurements which were reserved to well funded HF laboratories before. In this video, Tom explains the evolution and capabilities of his VNWA and why even NASA relies on it now as well!

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A simple broadband 4:1 Balun Transformer

During the summer break it became quite here on my blog. While Instead of chilling at the beach, I spend a lot of time on new Hardware and Software projects. Most of them are done, and now it’s time to document them.
In this blogpost I want to share the construction of a versatile 4:1 Balun. In combination with ladder line and an automatic Antenna tuner you can use any dipol on almost all frequencies.

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