A73A in CQWW SSB 2011

A73A QSL CardThis year I had to honor to be invited by the Qatar Amateur Radio Society (QARS) to operate the CQ WW SSB contest with them. The station set up in a fieldday style on the northern tip of Qatar, about 100km way from the capital Doha. We are directly located at the beach and used almost exclusively vertical antennas. A73A entered in the category Multi Operator / Multi Transmittors, running 6 Stations in parallel. Keep on reading for some pictures and lessons learned.

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WRTC 2014 Promotion Video

Thanks to Al, 4L5A @contesting_atru for sharing this link with us in his twitter stream. It’s a WRTC 2014 promotion video created my nobody less than James, 9V1YC. Enjoy & don’t forget to donate!

It’s time to get serious!

Link: Trailer DK0ES VHF Contest May 2011

Headsets & Bob Heil’s Story

Bob Heil K9EIDDo you own a Heil headset and have you ever wondered about the story behind Heil Sound? Then this might be of your interest!

While thinking about upgrading my sound equipment to a Heil PR-40 microphone I stumbled over a 15 minute long interview with Bob Heil, K9EID the founder and CEO of Heil Sound, which you should listen to. [Read more…]

VP8ORK Dinner in Buenos Aires

VP8ORK LogoA few days ago I had the honor to be invited for dinner with the VP8ORK Microlite DX-Pedition Team. Before leaving from Ushuaia, southern Argentina towards the Islands of South Orkney the team assembled itself in Buenos Aires. Thanks to the LUCG (LU Contest Group) and especially the help of Claudio, LU7DW we had a fantastic barbecue in one of the famous “parrillas” of Buenos Aires. While writing this, the VP8ORK is already QRV. If you haven’t worked them yet, go and give them a call. Here are a few pictures of this evening:

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OZ1AA Cycling around the world

A couple of days ago my friend & fellow contester Thomas, OZ1AA left Denmark on his bycicle towards the amazing destiny of Sydney, Australia. Thomas has currently reached the Ukraine. thomas will cycle through countries like Syria, India, Ethiopia, Sudan and Djibuti, just to name the most “interesting” ones.

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Presentation: How new technologies affect the art of contesting

Contest University LogoLast weekend I was invited to speak at the Contest Universtity in Friedrichshafen, Germany. This year I tried to visualize a rather abstract topic, the influence of technologies on the art of contesting.

Mainly two topics are discussed: Information Management and Software Defined Radios.

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Survey Results

Survey / Vote on ARRL's decision on DA0HQ and URE disputeThe Contest Community has voted. Almost 500 contesters particpated in the survey on ARRL’s recent decisions. As promised, I’m providing the results one day after the survey’s end for further discussion. Some of the answers are very clear, other’s should be refined. However here are the results without any interpretation or censorship. Take them, build your opinion and share your thoughts with us!

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Survey on ARRL’s IARU Contest Decisions

Vote ARRL Decision on URE / DA0HQ disputeYesterday I received an overwhelming amount of replies on my personal opinion about ARRL’s IARU Contest decisions. Fellow contester agreed, disagreed and expressed their own opinions. The amount of replies is a proof that our contest community takes this discussion serious. However, it is unclear if these personal opinions are representative for our whole contest community. Now, I would like to take this Question on another level. I just created an Online-Survey / Poll. It takes less than two minutes to answer all Questions! Please participate and spread the word! Your vote counts!

The Survey can be accessed through this link:


The Survey will be online for three days until Tuesday, 15th of June 2010 – 23:59 UTC. I will publish the results the day after on Wednesday 16th of June.

Contest station KH7XS for sale!

KH7XU Contesting Antenna TowerAre you looking for an awesome  new property with a “ready-to-go” contest station? Should it be in a DX location, but with western standards? If you just answered these questions with “yes”, then you’ll be interested in this offer! Today, Bill, KH7XS / KH7B announced the sale of his hawaiian property.

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