DXHeat.com is online

DXHeat Logo App Rounded

Over last 8 month I was digging deep into Web Development. The result went yesterday public – DXHeat.com. Instead of building just “another” Web DX Cluster, I tried to build something innovative with new, unique features. Best is to check it out by yourself!

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Quick & Easy: VPN through SSH Tunnel

VPN with SSH tunnels
In untrusted environments like open WiFi Hotspots you want to tunnel your traffic through an encrypted channel to the internet. Last year Firesheep has proven successfully how dangerous surfing in a public, non encrypted hotspot can be. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can also be used to access internet services with IP Address restictions (e.g. Video or Music streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or Spotify). In this post I’ll show you a VPN solution which can be easily set up and used. The tutorial will work with the Windows and Mac OSX.

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How to set up an Ubuntu Server on Amazon EC2

If you have ever dreamed of having your own server, then I have good news. It has never been easier! In this tutorial I will discuss why you actually want to have your own server, how to setup your own Linux (Ubuntu) Server in less than 10 minutes and how to do this for free!

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5 must have productivity tools for Hams

Productivity toolsDuring the last few years the internet enriched greatly our lives. In this blog post I will share the five best tools how to increase your personal productivity. Regardless if you are just a passive ham browsing the web, actively building Ham Radio equipment or organizing the next Fieldday, these tools will help you to organize your hobby, save time and hazle. I’m using all of them on a daily basis!

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WebSDR & Java fix for Ubuntu Linux

WebSDR & Linux how it worksIf you are using Ubuntu Linux you might have problems to open the Dutch WebSDR page. The problems appears in both, Firefox and Chrome. Canonical does not ship the Sun’s Java Runtime Environment anymore with Ubuntu. Instead they included OpenJDK and IcedTea, a Java Web browser plugin. Unfortunately, IcedTea does not work with the WebSDR Java Applet. However, there exists a solution. Read how I fixed the problem.

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Ubuntu Hams

Ubuntu Ham Radio A couple of weeks ago I migrated one of my older machines to the new Ubuntu 10.04 “Lucid Lynx”. I must admit that Canonical did a tremendous job with their Linux Distribution. Ubuntu is definitely worth a look. It can be booted directly from CD and does not need any installation. It’s stable, fast, has an excellent User Interface and provides applications for all standard needs… and YES, it’s MUCH more secure than Windows! With it’s centralized Software Repository, there is no more need for keeping all your applications individually up to date. This service does everything, just with a single click. Awesome!

And – there is also a Amateur Radio community. Thanks to Martin, AA6E who recently made me aware on this. The PPA (Personal Package Archive) of the Ubuntu Amateur Radio Team takes care of a nice list of Linux Ham Radio applications, including for example the famous GNU Radio, a Software Defined Radio toolkit.

In case you haven’t checked out Ubuntu yet, go to the Ubuntu.com website and download a free copy, burn it on CD and take a testdrive!

Mounting Drobo under Linux (Ubuntu)

Ubuntu & Drobo TuxWhen I write scripts in Python, I prefer to write them under Linux. I personally use Ubuntu in a Virtual Machine, powered by Sun’s free VirtualBox. There are of course several ways to share data between Linux and Windows but I decided to incorporate my last acquisitions, a Network Attached Storage Device called Drobo / Droboshare. In this post you will read how to connect Linux (Ubuntu 9.10) to your Drobo.

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Compiling PowerSDR with Visual Studio 2008

I decided to have a deeper look into Flexradio’s SDR Software PowerSDR. PowerSDR is published as open source under the GPL license and was written under Visual Studio 2003 against the old .NET 1.1 Framework. Unfortunately, the code was never migrated to a higher Version of Visual Studio. The last couple of days I had enough time to dive deep into the source code and finally make it compilable under Visual Studio 2008. In this post I’ll share the details with you.

[This article has been updated on 7/April/2010]

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Useful Utility: Scroll partially hidden windows

KatMouse a true SwissknifeI’m a fan of Microsoft’s Windows, but I must admit that in some cases, Linux and MacOS outperform good old Windows. In Linux (Gnome) and MacOS I enjoy the freedom to scroll in partially hidden windows without having to click on them. I was missing this possibility for a very long time on my windows based computers. Recently I stumbled upon a free software tool which finally solves this problem. Katmouse is a tiny application which allows you to scroll in windows without having to click on them. This Video reviews the software and illustrates its advantages!

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My personal data backup strategy

Backup Strategy with Drobo & DroboShare

Have you ever heard about Drobo? Drobo is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) from the Silicon Valley based startup Data Robotics. Last week I implemented a Drobo in my backup strategy. With this step I finally added a significant level of data safety to my IT system.

In a previous article, I presented the principals and best practices to create an individual data backup strategy. In this article I will describe my individual backup and data storage strategy and discuss the advantages and weaknesses

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