OZ1AA Cycling around the world

A couple of days ago my friend & fellow contester Thomas, OZ1AA left Denmark on his bycicle towards the amazing destiny of Sydney, Australia. Thomas has currently reached the Ukraine. thomas will cycle through countries like Syria, India, Ethiopia, Sudan and Djibuti, just to name the most “interesting” ones.

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Childhood of an Engineer

ARRL taking wrong consequences

ARRL taking wrong decision on URE DA0HQ conflictYesterday ARRL oficially published their answer on the Spanish Request to disqualify the German Headquater station DA0HQ in IARU Contest 2009. Read in this blogpost why I fundamentally disagree with ARRLs consequences!

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Ham Convited due to exceeding power limitations

Football referee showing the red cardLately a fellow Ham in New Zealand was convicted by court to pay a $1750 fine because he massively exceeded the legal power limitations. He posted a video on Youtube showing him transmitting with more than 3000 Watts. This was considered as a sufficient prove by the New Zealand judge. On top of the fine he has to pay $130 trail costs and he was requested by New Zealand Radio Spectrum Management Organisation to forfeilt his radio equipment.

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The (Software) Patent Absurdity

The idea of patents in early days was to support innovation. Today happens exactly the opposite. We have reached a point where patents prevent technical innovation. Patents are no longer used to protect innovations, they are mainly used to sue other companies, or to counter-sue if anyone sues you. We have seen this lately between Apple and HTC. While the pharmaceutical industry might be excluded due to their costly researches, Software patents are for sure more than doubtful. There exist companies who just buy (software) patents in order to sue others.

There are no more ways for professional (or hobby) developers to see if a programming technique he uses violates any software patent. Every week, several hundred software patents are granted in the US. Today, until now exist more than 200.000 software patents. More than 1.000.000 software patents are pending. This is ridiculous! STOP IT!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely against patents, but we need a fundamental change in patent law in order to stop the software patent absurdity. Instead of suing each other, let’s go back to the roots and enforce and support innovation. The world does not need more lawyers, we need more engineers!

For more information visit the webpage Patent Absurdity. They recently have published a 30 minutes documentary, explaining why software patents have broken the system.

Ever arrived late at work?

Just stumbled over this nice little 5 seconds clip. Enjoy 🙂

Source: http://5secondfilms.com/

Vintage style Ham Radio video

Just found a cool vintage style video Ham Radio video on You Tube. Lately Ham Radio Operators had again some press attention (even on CNN) about assisting in communications after the terrible earthquake in Haiti. After having seen the video below, I must admit that the way and the mission haven’t changed much over the years.

Enjoy the video!


My (bad) experiences with Audible.com

Audible Problems I’m a fan of Audio Products. I’m daily listening to Music and Podcasts produced by both, amateurs and professionals. In preparation of the upcoming vacations, I decided to finally make a step out of the Itunes store and to signup for an Audible.com account.

24 Hours later I’m deeply disappointed up and I just canceled my membership.

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Google Wave Invitations to give away

Google Wave LogoI have to give away 8 Google Wave invitations!

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