SDR – where are we today?

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At the second HamRadioWeb convention in Bolognia, Italy Claudio, I4LEC has given a great presentation about the current status of SDR. In his presentation he starts with SDR principals then analyzes then the strength and weaknesses of available Software Defined Radios (mainly FlexRadio Products) and finishes with a comparison against TS-590 and Elecraft K3. The presentation is entertaining and informative at the same time. Definitely worth having a look at!

Claudio was so generous the grant the permission to show it on my website!

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Community Improvement on Tuning wheels

FlexRadio Contest Knob alternative The community of Flex-Radio enthusiasts which select the DJ Console as their main user interface is steadily growing. Community members are sharing pictures how the use and improve their DJ Consoles to make it even better. After several labeling solutions, a recent discussion on the PowerSDR-UI Yahoogroup ended up in an haptic improvement for the DJ Console’s tuning wheels.

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Flex Control – Interviewing the Developer

Image of FlexRadio FlexcontrolI’m a believer in true knob and button radio interfaces… and I’m not the only one. A small team, formed around Stu, K6TU developed the Contest Knob, which is now today manufactured by FlexRadio Systems under the name FlexControl. In this interview K6TU reveals the ideas behind the Flex-Control and describes in detail the steps from the design to the industrial production. Download the MP3 or subscribe in iTunes to my podcast!

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How PowerSDR-UI users set up their DJ Consoles

FlexRadio Contest Knob alternative PowerSDR-UI lifts the FlexRadio experience to a totally new level. Since the first release of PowerSDR-UI an avid community is forming it selve around the project. Literally, I receive now everyday feedback from new users expressing their appreciation. In this post you will find pictures which have been provided from satisfied PowerSDR-UI users. These pictures shall inspire and help you to set up your DJ Console.

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FiFi SDR – The Interview

FiFi Software defined radio with DF3DCBThe FiFi SDR is a second generation allband HF receiver. Beside it’s QSD it comes with a onboard soundcard and a powerful ARM Cortex M-3 CPU which leaves a lot of room for experiments. I was glad to win Kai-Uwe, DF3DCB one of the FiFi-SDR founders for an interview. Curious? Then download the download the MP3 or subscribe in iTunes to my podcast!

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PowerSDR-UI – knobs for your SDR radio

At the end of last year I announced the “proof” that Software Defined Radios also can have buttons and knobs. At that stage the software was still a prototype and not ready for a public release. In the meantime I was working hard to eliminate bugs and implement further improvements. By today I’m happy to announce the release of PowerSDR-UI beta. This is a call for beta testing. Please feel free to download the software and participate in the beta testing phase!

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SDR Resources

This is a list of SDR related Hardware and Software project. It is intended as a living document and will be updated whenever I encounter a new project or product!

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Disc Jockeys influence on SDR

SDR and DJ ConsoleThe User Interface of computers suck when it comes to Radio Controlling. In January 2010 I got so annoyed by being forced to control the radio with keyboard and mouse that I finally decided to look for something else. Now, almost one year later I’m happy that I can present you an interesting alternative. The interface costs less than 100 USD, is commercially available and improves the overall SDR experience significantly.

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Does SDR really suck?

How does it come that such a promising technology like SDR just does not take off? SDR promises great transceiver performance, flexibility for an affordable price. So what is the problem? Read on!

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SDR Quicktip

This is the Logitech Nano VX Mouse

The audio quality isn’t the best, however I hope you still like this Quicktip!