SDR Cube – Next Generation SDR

SDR Cube by N2APBThe SDR-Cube is a brand new Software Defined Radio which is able to process and (de)modulated RF signals without a PC, but with all the benefits of an SDR. The SDR-Cube was introduced to the public in September during the TAPR Digital Communications Conference (DCC). After going through the presentation I was immediately thrilled by this tiny little cube. From my perspective this device is so important that it desired greater explanation. I’m very happy that the founder George, N2APB volunteered to record an interview with me. The interview lasts about 75 minutes and is full of valuable information, mainly but not only about the SDR-cube. Don’t forget to have a look into the **shownotes **below! [Read more…]

Presentation: How new technologies affect the art of contesting

Contest University LogoLast weekend I was invited to speak at the Contest Universtity in Friedrichshafen, Germany. This year I tried to visualize a rather abstract topic, the influence of technologies on the art of contesting.

Mainly two topics are discussed: Information Management and Software Defined Radios.

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SDR appliance: JN1SDD’s NCDXF / IARU Beacon Monitor

NCDXF/IARU Faros Beacon NetworkOn my ongoing search for SDR appliances, I discovered a couple of weeks ago an SDR (Softrock & Linux) based Beacon Monitoring System. The system is making use of the NCDXF Internation Beacon Project (IBP) which consists of 18 timely synchronized automated transmitters, located around the world. It monitors the signals on the various bands and generates in real-time a graphical chart showing the signal’s strength. The chart is uploaded to a webserver and accessible for everyone through the Internet. Lately I had the possibility to interview the author of the system, Atsushi (JN1SDD). In this interview he revealed with great deepness how the system is build up. I hope you will enjoy this interview as much as I did!

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WebSDR & Java fix for Ubuntu Linux

WebSDR & Linux how it worksIf you are using Ubuntu Linux you might have problems to open the Dutch WebSDR page. The problems appears in both, Firefox and Chrome. Canonical does not ship the Sun’s Java Runtime Environment anymore with Ubuntu. Instead they included OpenJDK and IcedTea, a Java Web browser plugin. Unfortunately, IcedTea does not work with the WebSDR Java Applet. However, there exists a solution. Read how I fixed the problem.

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CW Skimmer, Win-Test & FT1000MP: my wish!

CW Skimmer wishThree years ago I added a Software Defined Radio (Softrock Clone) to the 455kHz intermediate frequency of my FT1000MP shortwave receiver. The idea was to use it as a spectrum scope in conjunction with CW Skimmer. Unfortunately the solution has one big disadvantage: I can’t use it with Win-Test my favorite Contest Software. In a detailed investigation I found out why CW Skimmer and Win-Test can not be used simultaneously with the same Radio. Now, about past 30 month later, the situation has improved. However there is still one little change necessary to finally be able to use CW Skimmer and Win-Test with (my) FT1000MP. Read in this article what has changed and what is still missing (my wish)!

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PMSDR – an interview with IW3AUT

PMSDR This week I had the pleasure to interview Martin, IW3AUT. He’s the developer and founder of the Italian PMSDR Software Defined Radio receiver. In this interview you will get a look inside a successful SDR project. You will read about the design goals, the milestones of the project, the problems which Martin encountered an how he solved them. Enjoy the interview!

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Compiling PowerSDR with Visual Studio 2008

I decided to have a deeper look into Flexradio’s SDR Software PowerSDR. PowerSDR is published as open source under the GPL license and was written under Visual Studio 2003 against the old .NET 1.1 Framework. Unfortunately, the code was never migrated to a higher Version of Visual Studio. The last couple of days I had enough time to dive deep into the source code and finally make it compilable under Visual Studio 2008. In this post I’ll share the details with you.

[This article has been updated on 7/April/2010]

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Do you truly understand the SDR concept?

SDR Concept articleA lot of magazine and articles have already covered the principles of software defined radio. Most of them contain mathematical equations which require a greater level of math. Certainly, without math there would be no SDR, but I believe, that the concept of SDR can also be explained without. Let me show you the SDR concept from a different point of view!

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2009: More SDR kits sold than commercial Transceivers?

Softrock kits highly demanded in 2009Did you know that in 2009 more than 6000 Softrock kits have been ordered? Isn’t this an impressive number? Even having no concrete figures how many HF transceivers have been sold this year by the major brands like Yaesu and Icom, the trend is unoverseeable. The popularity of Software Defined Radio has increased significantly in 2009.

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FA-SDR-TRX part #3 – the Transmitter


In the third article we will have a deeper look into the TX path of the FA-SDR-TRX. All components will be discussed, including the optional 1 Watt amplifier.

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