FA-SDR-TRX part #2 – The Receiver

FA-SDR-TRX-Software-Defined-Radio-PCBAfter a systems view on the FA-SDR-TRX, it’s time to go into more detail. This post is dedicated to FA-SDR-TRX’s receiver.

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FA-SDR-TRX part #1 – Systems View

FA-SDR-TRX-Software-Defined-Radio-PCBThe FA-SDR-TRX is an allband low cost software defined radio. The FA-SDR-TRX was created by Harald DL2EWN an described in an article series in the German Ham Radio Magazine Funkamateur. After the big success of the single band kits like Softrock, SDR4080 or Genesis, the FA-SDR-TRX is the next step in the evolution of SDR kits. Thanks to the support of Harald I’m able to provide a detailed description of the concept behind FA-SDR-TRX.

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Podcast on HPSDR Software Defined Radio

Software_Defined_Radio-PodcastDo you know what Mercury, Penelope and Pandora have in common? Yes, they are important characters in greek mythology. But did you know that there is also a Software Defined Radio Project with components called like this? The High Performance Software Defined Radio (HPSDR) project is currently the most sophisticated SDR project, lead by the Amateur Radio community. Yesterday, I stumbled upon the HPSDR Podcast! [Read more…]

News: First pictures of FA-SDR-TRX

Hot Topic: FA-SDR-TRX Software Defined Radio pictureShort, but interesting news: I have the pleasure to show you some exclusive pictures of the FA-SDR-TRX prototype!

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FA-SDR-TRX, an allband & low budget SDR TRX

FA-SDR-TRX FunkamateurIn its october edition, the German Ham Radio magazine Funkamateur started about an multi-article series of an all-band 1-Watt SDR transceiver called FA-SDR-TRX. Read here a first assessment.

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Cracking GSM

Cracking GSM with Software Defined RadioDid you ever think that your GSM phone calls are encrypted and can’t be monitored? Well, unfortunately GSM has been cracked. Last week Steve Gibson explained in his weekly Podcast Security Now! how GSM can be cracked.

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Bandscope Modification Yaesu FT1000MP

Yaesu FT1000MP

In 2007 several SDR (Software Defined Radio) kits became available for Ham Radio purpose. Since most of these kits are just single band receivers, another easy solution was needed to benefit from the PC based Signal Processing on multiple bands. With the Yaesu FT1000MP, a full coverage short wave receiver was already available in the shack.  Why not reuse the already available hardware instead of spending money for a couple of additional monoband SDRs?

After studying the schematics of Yaesu’s FT1000MP it was decided to tap the IF (Intermediate Frequency) with an already available SDR-Kit.

This article documents the performed analysis and conducted work necessary to perform this modification.

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