Community Improvement on Tuning wheels

FlexRadio Contest Knob alternative The community of Flex-Radio enthusiasts which select the DJ Console as their main user interface is steadily growing. Community members are sharing pictures how the use and improve their DJ Consoles to make it even better. After several labeling solutions, a recent discussion on the PowerSDR-UI Yahoogroup ended up in an haptic improvement for the DJ Console’s tuning wheels.

Why improving the tuning wheels?

From our classic radios we are used that the main tuning wheel comes with a flying wheel effect. The DJ console’s big turning wheel however are pretty light and have very little flying wheel effect.

The solution

This is what brought Ray, Jerry (W3JJJ) and Marc (W3MDJ) on the idea of modifying the DJ Console by adding plasticine / modelling clay inside the tuning wheels.
Ray created neat videos which show how the modified Console looks like and how to perform the Mod:

This is the video how the finished modification feels:

And how to perform the mod:

Marc, W3MDJ did also a great job of documenting the DJ Console modification on his website.

And you?

Have you modified your DJ Console and would like to share it with other users? Is there anything which annoys you about the DJ Console? Then drop a comment and enjoy the benefits of a growing community!

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  1. Günther DJ8GE says:

    Hallo Tobias,
    habe seit 3 Wochen einen SDR 5000, und seit gestern deine Software für Hercules MPe2 installiert.
    Erst einmal ganz herzlichen Dank für die Bereitstellung Deiner Software!!
    Funktioniert alles ganz tadellos.
    Hätte eine Wunsch bzw Vorschlag:
    Ich fände es sinnvoll wenn auch die Funktion XITund nicht nur RIT mittels der Inkrementalgeber bedient werden könnte.
    Speziell bei pile-up’s wäre die Einstellmöglichkeit von 3-10 kHz sehr sinnvoll, und mit den 270 Grad Potis ist man ja auf 1260 Hz gegrenzt.
    Vielleicht kannst Du mir ja helfen?
    Vy 73 Günther DJ8GE

    • Hallo Günter, ich habe die RIT Funktion bereits vor geraumer Zeit für auf den Inkrementalgebern integriert. Du müsstest sie dort eigentlich auch vorfinden.
      73 Tobias

  2. Günther says:

    Hello Tobias,
    thanks for your answer.
    You are right withe the RIT function, but I missing the XIT function!
    For pile-ups it’s will be very helpful.
    Thanks in advandce.
    Günther DJ8GE

  3. Michael says:

    It seems Hercules DJ consoles are in short supply. Would a different brand work and which ones might you suggest.

    Thank You

  4. Günther DJ8GE says:

    Hi Tobias,
    I heard you work an a new release.
    Please dont forget to add the XIT functon on the increment (pitch) knobs (same like RIT) not only to the 270 degree Potentiometers.
    Now the XIT function is limited to 1260 Hz.
    Up to 10 kHz will be very helpful for Split Operations.
    Als others are more the excellent!

    Best 73 and thanks

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