Contest station KH7XS for sale!

KH7XU Contesting Antenna TowerAre you looking for an awesome  new property with a “ready-to-go” contest station? Should it be in a DX location, but with western standards? If you just answered these questions with “yes”, then you’ll be interested in this offer! Today, Bill, KH7XS / KH7B announced the sale of his hawaiian property.


Bill is selling a 3 acre big and quite beautiful property. It contains a new 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom house and a 150 foot Rohn 55 tower holding plenty of aluminium. Bill’s asking 699k USD for a turnkey “kick-ass” contest station.

The station is located about 820ft above sea level with a sloping terrain, dropping off rapidly in the direction of Europe, North and South America toward the Pacific, only 3500 feet away. Several HFTA terrain analysis are published on the KH7XS sales webpage.

Without looking in my logbook I remember almost all QSOs with Bill. Working KH6 from Europe is always a big deal. Especially his 40m was outstanding. Having read the information on his website, it’s obvious now why he’s so loud in Europe. A 4/4 stack at (150ft / 80ft) produces outstanding signals on 40m. For the other highbands, a stack of three KT36XAs are installed.

Have a look on Google Maps on Laupahoehoe, Hawaii where the station is located:

Being curious why one would sell this “paradise” property / station, Bill posted this answer:


[….] We love living out here but I’m older than the XYL and she is still working as a teacher.  Over the last two years eduction has become a step child of the current governor.  There have been cutbacks in supplies (the XYL spent almost a $1000 last year out of her pocket for school supplies), cutbacks in the school year, (we now have a school. We both love the people, the wx, and the lifestyle and don’t regret moving out here.  The last 3 1/2 years nave been some of the best in our lives…except for the teaching we’d be content to stay.

I hope that answers your question…pretty simple isn’t it. […] Please continue to talk it up and pass the word around.  Someone is going to getting a turnkey kick ass station.


Thanks Bill for all the QSOs and Multipliers during the last years! I wish you and your wife a safe return to Florida.

Gents, get ready to smash you piggybank, count the coins and place your bid!

Here are a few impressions on what you are bidding on:

KH7XU Contest Station
View towards the tower (c) KH7XS
KH7XU Contest Tower
The 150ft Rohn 55 tower (c) KH7XS
KH7XU Contesting Takeoff
Takeoff towards EU (c) KH7XS
HFTA Analysis
…and that’s why Bill is so loud in EU (c) KH7XS
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