News: First pictures of FA-SDR-TRX

Hot Topic: FA-SDR-TRX Software Defined Radio pictureShort, but interesting news: I have the pleasure to show you some exclusive pictures of the FA-SDR-TRX prototype!

Thanks to the great support of Harald, DL2EWN I’m currently preparing a more detailed article in English regarding the new all band software defined radio kit FA-SDR-TRX. The article will also include measurement results of the first prototype.

All I can say so far: it’s definitively one of the best SDR kit I’ve seen so far! With the capability to transmit on all bands we are entering the second generation of SDR kits.

Meanwhile I’m happy to be able to show you exclusive pictures of the prototype which haven’t been published anywhere else so far!


FA SDR TRX Software Defined Radio PCB

You can see the Preselector and the Si570 Signal Generator; All inputs / outputs are on the opposite side of the PCB

Front view of the FA-SDR-TRX Prototype

FA-SDR-TRX Software Defined Radio Prototype Front

Two status LEDs and the Preselector; Note that the prototype has no labels so far;

Back view of the FA-SDR-TRX Prototype


You have reason to stay excited!

Update! Recently I wrote a couple of more detailed FA-SDR-TRX articles:

FA-SDR-TRX – part #1 – a Systems View

FA-SDR-TRX – part #2 – the Receiver

FA-SDR-TRX part #3 – The Transmitter

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  1. Eugene says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I am waiting untill sdr txr will be on the market, also would like to
    know the mesruring possibillities.
    Regards.,Eugene Pa3gau

  2. Ross Bell says:

    Dear Sirs:
    I am interested in the SDR trx and was wondering about the VAT tax for purchases outside of europe, do you have idea how shipping will be to the USA.

    • Hey Ross,

      for sales outside of the European Union the German VAT can be excluded (usually 19% VAT). I just estimated the shipping costs on
      A parcel with a total weight below 2kg and physical dimensions (length + width + height) below 90cm costs 13,90€ which are roughly 20 USD. For a shipping insurance you would have to add 21,10€ (29USD). Please note, that these are just rough estimations.

      For a proper quote I suggest to contact the Funkamateur staff via email at

      73 & enjoy SDR,

  3. ANDY says:

    Dear OM

    I have realized and combined 2 kits from FUNKAMATEUR (SDR 40 and FA SY 10-165 Mhz) to obteint a simile multiband receiver, and now I am interrested by the FA-SDR-TRX but I have a problem like a lot of OM in the world, I dont read the German language… and after asking FUNKAMATEUR I cannot obtain a notice in French or English language. I am very pleased to read some explanations on your site.
    I encourage you to persevere.
    73 from Andy F6EWX

  4. Hey Andy,

    I’m happy if the information is valuable for you. I think the author of the kit, Harald DL2EWN did a terrific job with the SDR kit design. With this article series I want to give him full credit and spread the word.
    73 & enjoy SDR,

  5. Kees PA5CW says:

    I have build the FA-SDR tranceiver but have problems with the FA-Syn module.

    If I connect the USB it says: device not recognized.

    This message is on 3 different laptops, when I try to reinstall driver, this not help either.

    On the same pc’s LP-Pan with Power-SDR works without problem.

    Maybe FA-Syn is broken?

    ( I also tried power from USB and seperate power supply).

    Kees PA5CW

    • Hey Kees,
      it seems you have problems with your USB connection. In the first instance I think it’s a driver problem. Did you follow the instructions?
      I suggest to have a look on the USB traffic between the FA-SY and your PC. I can recommend “usbsnoop” and “SniffUsb2”. Both programs will let you trace the traffic over your USB port.
      In case there is no traffic via the USB port I would conclude that it is a hardware problem.

  6. hi from italy
    may i know how much does it cost (FA SDR TRX) assembled????
    lou IK8HCG

    • Hey Lou,

      The FA-SDR-TRX is only available as a Kit. However, all SMD parts are premounted on the PCB. So no SMD soldering is necessary.
      73, Tobias

  7. hi
    thank you, so how much does it cost, where to order

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