Geeky Ham’s Christmas gift guide

Xmas Presents for geeksDear geeky reader, it’s time to think about Christmas gifts! In case you are struggling for a nice present this year, let me make you some suggestions!

Without too much additional talking, these are my suggestions for 2010. Some of them are Ham Radio related, others not. However all of them have their certail level of “geekyness”.

By far the best geekiest cooking book I’ve ever read. If you are a true geek, you’ll laugh tears…

my favorite way to consume books

I consider this book as a “must have” for every shack

This product has probably been the biggest innovation this year in Ham Radio. This device assures a good contact at any time. Especially useful for serious DXers and Contesters

Your wife will love you even more. With this add-on for your BBQ you will become famous for the best steaks in your neigbourhood

On the opposite, your wife might get mad for this gift, because you’ll spend X-Mas in your shack assembling this neat SDR transceiver kit

Rob Sherwood just confirmed the outstanding Receiver Performance of this affordable radio.

These videos have been produced by James, 9V1YC in an amazingly professional quality.  It’s the best way to sell Ham-Radio to your new girl friend without running her immediately away

I know, geeks prefer PCs, with Linux and if possible just a console without any graphical User Interface . Since summer time, the iPad has become my main computer. It’s an amazingly well engineered Internet consumption device. Get a 3G version!

Best Vector network analyzer currently available for Ham’s. It extremely precise for an amazingly low price (also available as a kit)

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