Google Wave Invitations to give away

Google Wave LogoI have to give away 8 Google Wave invitations!

What is Google Wave?

Google Wave is a new Online Collaboration Cloud Service, provided by Google. Some persons call it the “email of the future”. Currently Google Wave is in the alpha (google calls it “preview”) phase and not available to the public. You need a personal invitation to join the service.

Here are two videos which describes the capabilities and features of Google Wave:

A 8 minute introduction:

and a 1:20 hour long video from the Google Wave Developer Preview

How to get an invitation?

The rule is simple: “first come, first served”. Leave a comment on the blog and I’ll send you the Wave Invitation via email.

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  1. Eric S says:

    thanks for invite!

  2. Marc says:

    thanks for the info
    Really interested in actually usibg goigl wave

  3. Hi there
    I’d love to get an invitation

  4. Graeme says:


    Do you have any Wave invitations left to give away?


  5. Konsu says:

    Thanks, I want the invitation. =)

  6. Darth Vader says:

    I’d love one thanks.

  7. Isaac Thomas says:


    Pls send me a Google wave invitation, Thanks for putting up the offer..

  8. I want to try it!

  9. Everybody received a Google Wave invitation! Happy waving!

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