Ham Convited due to exceeding power limitations

Football referee showing the red cardLately a fellow Ham in New Zealand was convicted by court to pay a $1750 fine because he massively exceeded the legal power limitations. He posted a video on Youtube showing him transmitting with more than 3000 Watts. This was considered as a sufficient prove by the New Zealand judge. On top of the fine he has to pay $130 trail costs and he was requested by New Zealand Radio Spectrum Management Organisation to forfeilt his radio equipment.

What do we learn from this case?

Web 2.0 is both, a blessing and a curse. Let this real-life example show you that the whole world will be able to see whatever you publish on the Internet. Today, everything is put online and index by Google. This includes videos, forum postings, blogs and the emails you send over your (e.g. Yahoo) Newsgroup. I have even seen a decade old Packet Radio messages on the internet. Do not assume that a private member site or social network keep your conversations and postings private. Take Facebook as an example: Have you ever looked into their (frequently changing) Terms and Conditions? They changed tremendously over the past years. Have you ever reviewed your privacy settings? By default, there is almost no privacy on Facebook. Go to ReclaimPrivacy.org and use their online privacy checker. Facebook is easing it’s privacy policy year by year.


Consider whatever you post on the internet as public. If you want to stay anonymous, us fake names and fake IDs. For sensitive data, use file encryption or email encryption to protect your privacy.
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  1. ex-VR2BG/p says:

    Although this guy brought attention to himself, what he did that was wrong in law was to merely possess equipment capable of operation beyond what his licence allows. In ZL law, there is a presumption of use from possession. So any ZL in possession of an amp capable of >400 watts output is really no different. Sounds crazy, but that is their law & probably most ZLs are breaking it.

  2. EA8BGO says:

    It is very well what he has done the judge. I wish I can be prosecuted in Spain for more power coming out of due. And of course, should the organizers themselves massive competitions with 10 years penalizing those who blatantly get away with too much power.

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