Ham Radio 2011 Recap

Ham Radio 2011 RecapThe Ham Radio Convention in Friedrichshafen is the largest Amateur Radio convention in Europe. It’s the place and time to meet all our friends to whom we only talk on the air during the year. Beside strolling threw the big flee-market and the commercial exhibition, I had the chance to speak about my latest project PowerSDR-UI, the DJ Console improvement for PowerSDR. While the convention starts on friday and ends of sunday, I could only attend one day, which is definitely not enough. Next year I’ll be back again for at least two entire days! Since the memories are still fresh and the pictures already uploaded, let’s recap briefly the convention!

HF Full converage digital transmitter

The SDT-2011 is an allband digital transmitter created by I0CG and I2PHD. Similar to the SDR-Cube the modulation and demodulation happens in a DSP microcontroller which is embedded into the hardware. The prototype you see in this picture consists of the TX path (right side) and a PMSDR / ADC Board for the RX path (left side).

SDR Conference in Italy

The guys of ARI San Daniele are going to organize the 2. Software Defined Radio Conference in Italy. If you ever wanted to visit Europe and combine Ham Radio with sightseeing this might be a good way. I’ve been to several DX conferences in Italy and was always returning happy. Beside of the programe, the food is always amazing 🙂

John ON4UN signing his Low Band Antenna Books

It was good to see John, ON4UN again. At the booth of UBA, the Belgium Ham Radio Society he signed copies of his Low Band DXing book. He released this year the 5th edition.

Bavarian Contest Club

Explaining & demonstrating the advantages of PowerSDR-UI (with DJ Console) to DL8OH and DL1MAJ at the booth of the BCC – Bavarian Contest Club.


The booth of the Bavarian Contest Club was again kindly sponsored by Grünbacher Weißbier, the beer of contest winners!

Chinese Ham Radio Equipments

Chinese Company Wouxun is entering the 2m / 70cm handheld market with dumping prices.

Hans Zandt, HB9CBU presented his high performance allband SDR Transceiver ADT-200A.
My opinion: It’s a radio and measurement device with great performance, but definitely not a contesting rig.

Hilberling Transceiver

OM Hilberling, DK7LG had again a big booth. They presented the PT-8000, their high performance allband transceiver which can be equipped with a 600W amplifier.
My opinion: this transceiver comes 15 years too late and is way to expensive for mainstream ham radio operators.

K5GJ from FLexradio Systems

Greg, K5GJ and Klaus, DK7XL represented Flexradio Systems with a rather small booth. The booth was always crowded. I would love to see more engagement and a bigger booth next year.

Thanks to the help of Klaus, DL7XL I was allowed to present my latest project – PowerSDR-UI in the DL0SDR forum. I received great feedback from the attendees. After the presentation I gave a quick live demo of the DJ Console integration into PowerSDR. It took me more than 30 minutes until the last question was answered 🙂

Ham Radio Friedrichshafen

The flee market was located in two big halls. The usual stuff was offered. Best stuff (High voltage Cs) still comes from the Ukrainian guys.

Ham Radio 2011

More flee market impressions

BCC Dinner 2011

The Contest Dinner or saturday evening was hosted again by the Bavarian Contest Club. With more than 200 participants it was again a big success.

Eric from Elecraft

Eric, WA6HHQ – one of the two founders of Elecraft also joined the BCC Buffet.

Michael DL6MHW

Michael, DL6MHW (right) was awarded by our president Ben, DL6RAI (left) to the BCC Man of the year. Every year the Bavarian Contest Club gives this prestigious award to one of its members. Michael is one of the guys who is working in the background. He’s an IT expert, PhD and Professor at a Germany University. His latest project was DCL – the German equivalent to ARRL’s Logbook of the World (LoTW).

I had again an amazing time in Friedrichshafen. During the last 14 years I haven’t missed the convention once. Even during the years when I was living abroad, I always came to Friedrichshafen. As always it was a true pleasure to see my friends and chat with them, exchange experiences about the last contest season a create plans for the upcoming season 🙂

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