Hamnation Logo with Bob Heil, K9EIDI’ve been waiting for this a very long time – finally it came true! Last Month a Ham Radio Podcast started on the TWIT Network. Nobody less then Mr. Bob Heil, K9EID is hosting the show. This is¬†definitely¬†a must see for all hams or persons who would like to dive into the beautiful world of amateur radio. Bob committed to produce a new episode every week.

The first episode of HamNation was joined by Joe Walsh, WB6ACU. Even if you haven’t heard Joe on the bands I bet you’ve already heard his music a lot of times. Do you know the song “Hotel California” ? Exactly, Joe is member of the famous band the Eagles.

If you want to listen to HamNation there are a couple of ways:

  1. Go over to iTunes and search in the iTunes Store for HamNation
  2. Check out the TWIT Network. They provide HamNation in a couple of Audio and Video formats
  3. TWIT uploads all the shows to Youtube. So checkout the Hamnation Playlist

If you have broadband internet access the video version is a must!

Check out here Episode #2: Emergency Communications

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