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Security now - How computers work While the average users mainly use the PC to surf  the web and to order every now and a book on Amazon, we, the Amateur Radio community are using PCs much more intensively. Especially in Software Defined Radio appliances, the PC is a central part of the system. So are you aware what DMA, ASM and ROM are? Do You know the difference between L1 and L2 cache? If not, I’ll show you a great way how you can gain a deep understanding without going to college again.

Steve Gibson (the author of Spinrite – the famous harddisk recovery & maintainance tool) is producing a weekly Podcast on IT Security called Security Now! The Podcast is hosted on Leo Laporte‘s “This week in Tech” – TWiT Network. The Podcast is now in the fifth year and Steve never missed a single episode. Steve Gibson has the ability to break down complicated and techy topics and explain them in an easy and understandable way. He’s a definitely a geek. Just the fact that he still writes all his software in assembler qualifies him to be called so. But probably exactly this diligent and extrem precise way of handling things make him such a admirable person.

After covering security only topics over the past years, Steve started now a series where he explains in depth how computers work. The series will cover everything from the beginning (simple logical gates) until the today (the innards of a modern computer).

Keep in mind that Steve and Leo usually do a Question & Answer session every second Podcast. It’s a good possibility to recap the content of the previous podcast, since at least a few questions usually are related to this.

These are the episodes of Security Now, covering how computers work:

Episode 233 “Let’s design a computer”

Episode 235 “Machine language”

Episode 237 “The Power of Pointers”

Episode 239 “Stacks, Registers, and Recursion

*** ongoing *** last time updated: 15. March 2010

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