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Are you familiar with the following situation: You are watching the latest Hollywood movie with your girlfriend. You could convince here to watch a thriller instead of a romance, which she would have prefered. Over the time, the story evolves good, there is even a notion of romance (to the satisfaction of your girl) but – the movie really sucks when it comes to technical details. Pseudo amateurs hack themselfs within 5 minutes into a SECRET Pentagon’s network and a 5 page emergency report is transmitted with just 20 morse code characters, beaten with a wrench against an old pipe. The longer you watch the movie, the more upset you get about the ignorance and incapacity of Hollywood (film) and book writers…

But – let me tell you – there is one book which really makes the difference!

…and it’s called Daemon.  I believe that the author Daniel Suarez has created a complete new Genre. Best described as a techno-thriller novel.

Suarez has worked for several years as an IT consultant where he gained an intensive background knowledge in distributed computing. While writing this novel he was actually working as a programmer in parallel. This book is so amazing and I promise that it will simply blow you away. From chapter to chapter it is getting better and better. The amount of details, the preciseness about state-of-the-art computer knowledge (Cloud computing, Spyware, distributed systems, sensor integration, databases, financial transactions….etc) is just spectacular…. and it is wrapped into an exciting, explosive story which show implications of privacy, true democracy and social networks on today’s society.

The title of the book is derived from the Unix world where Daemons are processes which work in the background and do work for you.  I would love to tell you more about the story, but I don’t want to spoil the story. Just get a copy of the book and tell me if you could stop reading, once started reading.

The good news is, that Suarez has already finished his second book which is a follow up on Daemon. It’s called Freedom(TM) and just as spectecular as the first one.

BTW – I have already migrated two years ago to digital books. I’m a big fan of Amazon’s kindle. Especially with the release of the latest Kindle device for just 79 USD, Ebook readers are now affordable for anyone. Can’t remember when I bought my last paper back 😉

Enjoy this amazing book!

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  1. very nice information – ordered Daemon from library. How does the w7iuv preamp play ?

    • Also check out Daniel Suarez’ latest book “Kill Decision”! W7UIV preamp works great and is used in almost all the contests at our Station.
      I started experimenting with the CATV Preamp R2005200P12. It has a great performance (huge IP3) and 20db of Gain.

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