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Software_Defined_Radio-PodcastDo you know what Mercury, Penelope and Pandora have in common? Yes, they are important characters in greek mythology. But did you know that there is also a Software Defined Radio Project with components called like this? The High Performance Software Defined Radio (HPSDR) project is currently the most sophisticated SDR project, lead by the Amateur Radio community. Yesterday, I stumbled upon the HPSDR Podcast!

What is the HPSDR project about?

HPSDR is an open source software and hardware project to build a modular and powerful Software Defined Radio (SDR) by utilizing state of the art technology. The modular approach makes it possible for prospects to select which Module they are interested in without having the need for all modules at the same time.

There is a common backplane (Atlas), similar to the motherboard of a PC which can be extended by several modules. From an SDR perspective, the most interesting modules are:

  • Penelope, the Direct Up-conversion exciter
  • Mercury, the Direct Down-conversion receiver
  • Janus, the I/Q Interface board

These are just a few. Checkout the website of the HPSDR project to get a detailed overview.

The HPSDR Community

The basis of a successful open source project is an active community of developers and users. HPSDR has both. Apart from a classic Mailing list, the HPSDR community also makes uses of modern tools like the HPSDR wiki and a Teamspeak server.

Weekly Online Community meeting

Teamspeak is a kind of easy to set up Voice Over IP conference tools, which allows a voice conferences. The Teamspeak server is online 24h / 365days a year. Usually a couple of HPSDR developers hang there around, but it gets really crowded on saturday night around 01:00 UTC. This meeting is used to announce project news and to check status and questions of community members.

This weekly teamspeak session is recorded and made available as a Podcast. So, in case it’s too late for you (like most of the European Community) to join the HPSDR session, you still have the possibility to fetch up the following day by downloading the Podcast. Please note, that you don’t need an Apple Ipod or Iphone to listen to the Podcast! Any other MP3 player (or your computer) will do the job!

Click on this link to get the HPSDR Podcasts [link updated on 14/4/2010]. You can listen on this website directly into the recorded sessions!

The weekly HPSDR, High Performance Software Defined Radio teamspeak sessions go into great detail. It’s not  mainstream stuff. So beware, its a true tech session!

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