PowerSDR-UI – knobs for your SDR radio

At the end of last year I announced the “proof” that Software Defined Radios also can have buttons and knobs. At that stage the software was still a prototype and not ready for a public release. In the meantime I was working hard to eliminate bugs and implement further improvements. By today I’m happy to announce the release of PowerSDR-UI beta. This is a call for beta testing. Please feel free to download the software and participate in the beta testing phase!


PowerSDR-UI  is a fork of  FlexRadio Systems PowerSDR. It comes with all the features and bugs of that version but with one important difference: Support of an inexpensive, versatile User Interface with real knobs, sliders and buttons. On each element of the User Interface, a function of PowerSDR can be mapped (e.g. AF Gain, Filter Width,…etc). A detailed description can be found in the article I wrote on why current SDR solutions lack of a proper User Interfaces.

In this video you can see an early release of PowerSDR-UI in action:

Here is another video which was created by Serge, RV3APM. Serge is an avid user of PowerSDR-UI. His setup consists of a Flex-1500 and a MacBook Pro.

Release note

PowerSDR-UI is currently at beta status. This means that it is not perfect and that errors might appear. The intention of this release is to get feedback from the community with their various SDR based radios.

From a licensing point of view it is important to understand that FlexRadio Systems has divided PowerSDR in two parts. The application PowerSDR is open source (GPL license) but various drivers are closed source and may not be distributed by third parties (here: me, DH1TW). This is the reason why I can not offer an automated installer as you would expect from any program today. Instead a bit of manual work is needed. But with basic PC knowledge and the installation instruction below I’m sure you will be able to install PowerSDR-UI.

The content of the PowerSDR-UI Zip file is:

  • PowerSDR-UI x.xx.exe
  • Sanford.Collections.dll
  • Sanford.Multimedia.dll
  • Sanford.Multimedia.Midi.dll
  • Sanford.Threading.dll

The DLLs are part of the C# MIDI Toolkit which I ‘m using to communicate with the various DJ Consoles.

The following functionality can be mapped onto buttons:

  • A > B
  • A < B
  • A <> B
  • Split
  • 0 Beat
  • RIT
  • XIT
  • Clear RIT
  • Clear XIT
  • MultiRx
  • VFO Sync
  • VFO Lock
  • MOX
  • VOX
  • Mute
  • NB1
  • NB2
  • ANF
  • NR
  • SR
  • BIN
  • Wider Filter
  • Narrower Filter
  • Next Mode
  • Prev Mode
  • Tuning Step Up
  • Tuning Step Down
  • Band Up
  • Band Down
  • Start
  • Tuner
  • CPDR
  • DX
  • DEXP
  • RX2 On/Off
  • RX2 PreAmp
  • RX2 NB1
  • RX2 NB2
  • RX2 Band Up
  • RX2 Band Down
  • Enable Rx EQ
  • Enable Tx EQ
  • Squelch
  • BCI Rejection
  • AGC Mode Up
  • AGC Mode Down
  • Preamp (Flex5000)
  • AVG
  • Peak
  • Show TX Filter
  • Display Mode Next
  • Display Mode Prev
  • Zoom Step Up
  • Zoom Step Down
  • Quick Mode Save
  • Quick Mode Restore
  • Send CWX Macro 1
  • Send CWX Macro 2
  • Send CWX Macro 3
  • Send CWX Macro 4
  • Send CWX Macro 5
  • Send CWX Macro 6
  • Send CWX Macro 7
  • Send CWX Macro 8
  • Send CWX Macro 9
  • Stop Sending CWX Macro (immediately)
  • MON
  • Center Pan Slider
  • VAC On/off
  • I/Q to VAC1
  • I/Q to VAC1 use RX2
  • VAC2 On/Off
  • ESC On/Off
  • ESC Form Open/Close
  • Mute RX2
  • TUN
  • Tuner Bypass
  • 160m
  • 80m
  • 40m
  • 30m
  • 20m
  • 17m
  • 15m
  • 12m
  • 10m
  • 6m
  • 2m
  • 160m RX2
  • 80m RX2
  • 40m RX2
  • 30m RX2
  • 20m RX2
  • 17m RX2
  • 15m RX2
  • 12m RX2
  • 10m RX2
  • 6m RX2
  • 2m RX2
  • Mode SSB (automatically selects USB/LSB
  • Mode LSB
  • Mode USB
  • Mode DSB
  • Mode CWL
  • Mode CWU
  • Mode DIGU
  • Mode DIGL
  • Mode SPEC
  • Mode AM
  • Mode FM
  • Mode DRM
  • Mode SAM

The following functionality can be mapped onto potentiometers:

  • RIT
  • XIT
  • Shift
  • AF Gain
  • Volume Rx1
  • Volume Rx2
  • Ratio Main/Sub Rx
  • PreAmp Settings
  • CW Speed
  • AGC Threshold
  • Drive Level
  • Mic Gain
  • CPDR Threshold
  • Vox Gain
  • DEXP Threshold
  • Squelch Threshold
  • AGC Threshold RX2
  • TX AF Monitor
  • AGC Mode
  • Zoom Slider
  • Volume RX2
  • Pan RX2
  • VAC RX Gain
  • VAC TX Gain
  • VAC2 RX Gain
  • VAC2 TX Gain
  • Waterfall / Grid Low Limit
  • Waterfall / Grid High Limit
  • Stereo Balance RX2 (PAN)

The following functionality can be mapped onto rotary pulse encoders:

  • Frequency VFOA
  • Frequency VFOB
  • Filter Bandwidth
  • RIT
  • Zoom Slider
  • Upper Edge of DSP Filter
  • Lower Edge of DSP Filter
  • PAN Slider

Supported devices

1. Hercules DJ Control MP3 LE (buy on Amazon.com)

2. Hercules DJ Console MP3e2 (not sold anymore)

3. Hercules DJ Console MK2 (not sold anymore)


Download here PowerSDR-UI 0.997 beta package (based on PowerSDR 2.7.2)


If you like this idea, a small donation would be appreciated!

Installation Instructions

  1. Make sure you have installed the Hercules DJ Console drivers  (2012_HDJS_6 package or later) properly (including the MIDI driver).
  2. Make sure PowerSDR (compatible version) is installed (available for download here at FlexRadios Website)
  3. Unzip the content of PowerSDR-UI into the PowerSDR Application directory; It is very likely that you will find this directory under C:\Program Files\FlexRadio Systems\PowerSDR vX.X.X
  4. Create a shortcut on your desktop on C:\Program Files\FlexRadio Systems\PowerSDR vX.X.X\PowerSDR-UI 0.XXX beta.exe
  5. Execute PowerSDR-UI

Here is also a Screencast which guides you through the installation

Migrating your PowerSDR-UI settings

If you are updating PowerSDR-UI to a new version, you can copy your DJ Console settings by copying the XML file which contains the configuration.

Depending on your installation and version of Windows the absolute path might varies. This example is taken from my computer (Windows 7)

  1. Goto C:\Users\ “Your User Name” \AppData\Roaming\FlexRadio Systems\PowerSDR v2.6.4
  2. Right click with your mouse on DJConsoleSettings.xml and select copy
  3. Goto C:\Users\ “Your User Name” \AppData\Roaming\FlexRadio Systems\PowerSDR v2.7.2
  4. Right click your mouse and select paste (in case that the file already exists, overwrite it)

Join the Yahoogroup!

If you are interested in PowerSDR-UI, please join the PowerSDR-UI discussion group at Yahoogroups !


How to configure PowerSDR-UI

Several users have uploaded and sent me pictures of how they have configured the DJ Console. I compiled the PSDR-UI configuration examples in a dedicated post. Feel free to send me YOUR configuration and I’ll add it.

About Tobias (DH1TW)

Self-confessed Starbucks addict. Loves to travel around the globe. Enjoys the technical preparations of Amateur-Radio contests as much as the contests themselves. Engineer by nature. Entrepreneur. For more, follow him @DH1TW


  1. Ken Moak, KM8AM says:


    I have a Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2, so i will down load the s/w and joinyour beta test team.



    • Ken! Thanks for the comment. I’m currently intending to set up a mailing list or a forum. I’m curious to receive your feedback!

  2. Paul - VK3APG says:

    Hi Tobias
    I have ordered the Hercules MP3 e2 from Amazon..unfortunately it looks like i need to wait a couple of weeks for shipping..but in 2 weeks or so i will be ready to try and join beta group.

    BTW – will your install instructions work using 2.019 rc1 (what i currently use) or will i need to downgrade to 2.08 pwrsdr???

    cant wait to try.


    • Hey Paul!
      You are more than welcome to join the Beta testing community!
      73 & hope to receive soon feedback from you!

  3. Please, add me also to the BETA TESTERS community!

    I have just ordered an Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2 😀

    73 JOSE EB5AGV

  4. BTW, I run several Yahoogroups and could help you to setup and moderate one for this purpose.

    73 JOSE EB5AGV

  5. Tobias,

    Like a number of other PSDR users, I have progressed beyond PSDR2.0.8. I currently run 2.0.16 and expect to update to 2.0.19RC1 this week. Are there any caveats? Would you expect issues installing with the current PSDR version(s)?

    Eagerly awaiting your feedback.

    Ted WA3AER

    • Hey Ted,
      it’s difficult to say if various versions of PowerSDR on the same PC have an effect on each other. I guess a weak point might be compatibility between PowerSDR and the firmware which is loaded in your FlexRadio device. In any case you should avoid is mixing the versions (e.g. copying PowerSDR-UI based on 2.0.8 in the directory of 2.0.19RC1). This might lead to an unstable condition of the software.
      In the future I want to provide also a version of PowerSDR-UI based on 2.0.19 RC1. However I still have to evaluate the effort before I can make a commitment to a release date. I already have a copy of the source code (2.0.19 RC1), but haven’t had a chance so far to review it. I learned during the last couple of month that the guys over at FlexRadio Systems are working intensively on the source code. In theory this is good, but for me it causes additional efforts when parts of the code change on which I’m relying on.

  6. Tobias,

    Many thanks for the feedback and the caveat re. firmware compatibility. I need to keep tuned for developments from your side so I know when to install safely.

    I am tempted to try the PSDR-UI with PSDR 2.0.16 on a test machine. This would likely provide a first indication of firmware compatibility. Then the step to 2.0.19RC1 would be the next logical step here. Of course, I know that once I have the UI running on the test machine that I’ll absolutely have to do the UI installation on the “real” PSDR PC!

    I might as well get the Hercules deck on order. 🙂

    Ted WA3AER

  7. peter matlung (PC3M) says:

    Hi Tobias,

    today i ordered the Hercules DJ Control MP3 so you put me on the list of the Beta testers.

    Best Regards,


  8. Larry says:

    Hello Tobias,

    I too have ordered the Hercules MP3 e2 from Amazon. I have PSDR 2.0.19 RC installed at this time. If I have to, I will install PSDR 2.0.8 on another PC to try the DJ control UI.

    Tks es 73,
    Larry K3PEG

  9. Also I will be glad to be in a command BETA testers
    The other day I will get purchased Hercules DJ Control Mp3 e2

  10. Hello Tobias,

    There is a new version of PowerSDR, just announced today (v2.0.20 RC2). I guess best practical option for you is to wait until the 2.0 version is official, in order to save you work on adapting to each Release Candidate version. Of course we, as users, would like all the versions adapted but, as a programmer, I understand it is not an easy thing 😉

    73 JOSE EB5AGV

    • Hey Jose,

      thanks for the notice. Anyway I will have to see what has been changed between 2.0.8 and the current version. My intention is to move to a more up-to-date version as soon as possible. It seems that literally everyone already migrated to one of the Release Candidates.
      Stay tuned!

  11. Andrew says:

    Hi Tobias,

    Ordering the Hercules kit tomorrow.
    So… Hope to start setting-up my beta station next week!
    Will let you know when I’m set-up.



  12. Hi Tobias,
    Whether it is possible to collect a basic file from PSDR 2.0.16 or higher?
    For me version 2.0.8 from Flex in general renounced to work,
    also takes a place and at the start of file of POWERSDR-UI 0.91(0.92;0.90) beta.exe
    At the start of basic file (2.0.16;2.0.19RC1;2.0.20RC2) all works normally…

    • Hallo everybody!
      Glitch as a report “The program is trouble starting the audio streams.
      Please close the program, cycle power to the radio, and try again.” and blocking of the program to the restart of takes a place only in the mode of DEMO . In the normal mode all worked… From next week i’m wait to test assembling . I wait prepaid Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2

  13. Robert says:

    Tobias, I got my DJ MP3 e2 today and am anxious to try it out but I have a couple of questions.
    First I am using PSDR 2.0.6 here and have been waiting for a release with proper FM Pre and De emphasis before upgrading. Would it be advisable to try this controller on 2.0.6?
    Also should the drivers on the installation for the DJ console be loaded before your program or will it do everything needed?
    This DJ unit is very nice and has 3 sliders that would be excellent for volume and pan for RX1 and RX2 and it also has many buttons available for band changing etc.
    This is very exciting since I often am on the wrong desktop to use the mouse.
    Thanks for all your hard work!
    73, Bob

    • Hey Bob,

      good to hear that you also “joined the club” 🙂
      PowerSDR-UI is based on a certain release of PowerSDR (by today: 2.0.8). FlexRadio is constantly improving PowerSDR and therefore also changing the sourcecode. I recommend to use PowerSDR-UI always in conjunction with version of PowerSDR it is based on. Anything else might lead to unexpected behaviour of the software.

  14. Robert says:

    Tobias, I have installed and configured the mp3 e2 controller and it is working fine with PSDR 2.0.8. I had to install the drivers for the console first before it would appear in UI 0.92 selection screen but then the only other trouble I had was my screen did not show the save or cancel buttons on the console config screen. I guess due to my screen resolution they were hidden under my task bar. Might be nice if this screen was sizable.
    Running well on XP here with 2.0.8.

    Very COOL!
    73, Bob

    • Bob,

      indeed, the configuration windows are currently quite large, probably even too large for a netbooks screen. I will think about a solution and implement it in the next release.

      Thanks for the feedback!
      73 Toby

  15. Hi, Tobias!
    Thanks of the new assembling on a base 2.0.20RC2.
    73! de UT4ZA SERGEY

  16. Sotiris SV1BDO says:

    Hi Tobias, congrats again for the great job you are providing to the amateur radio community !!!
    What are the main differences between the newer Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2 and the older (obsolete) MK2? Which model can be configured easier and better ?
    73 to ALL,
    de Sotiris SV1BDO

    • Hey Sotiris,
      except of the layout there is no difference between the two DJ Consoles. They behave exactly the same way. I just started with the MK2, unfortunately being not aware that is discontinued my the manufacturer.
      The MK2 has an internal Soundcard which might be handy for a real disc jockey , but I can’t see how this might give us an advantage for radio purpose.

  17. Paul - VK3APG says:

    Hi Tobias

    well got my Hercules MP3e2 and downloaded 0.93 version and works straight up. I am having a play before trying to assign controls to buttons and controls. It is a great experience using this interface and want to thank you for your time and effort not only on the whole concept and making us aware but also providing the interface and bringing it up to date with the latest Flex release.
    looks like i have shuttle pro now to list on ebay as the experience with the DJ Console is 100 times better.
    will let you know if i have any issues with more play time with it..for those interested installed with powersdr 2.20RC2 with a flex radio 5000 and using 32bit XP operating system.
    Thanks again Paul – VK3APG

    • Hey Paul,
      good to hear that the console has arrived! Yes, please do not hesitate to report any bugs you encounter. I’m planning to release an update in the next days. This will include quite a list of functions which were requested by the community.
      Thanks again for your experience report! I’m always grateful to receive feedback!

  18. Paul - VK3APG says:

    is one of the items requested the ability to allocate a button for band change?? everything is great so far but found that would have been a nice to have band up – band down.

    look forward to the next update

    Paul – VK3APG

  19. Hey Paul, sure – I’ll put it on the list. If you are lucky it will be already included in the next update.
    Thanks, Tobias

    • Paul says:

      Hi Tobias

      I have started to use 0.94..what a fantastic improvement as far as functionality. I have not fully setup as I am spending some time playing with the DJ Console to understand what prefrences i prefer and what i will find most useful. I note that someone mentioned AGC-T control, that was probably the only thing i felt was missing so far but note your comment that it may be included in the next update.

      In summary from your first article on a SDR interface to what you have provided so far it makes using PowerSDR even more enjoyable then it was originally. Looking forward to the next update and continuing to enjoy the new interface.

      VK3APG – Paul

  20. Ton, PA3BBY says:

    Hi Tobias,
    great work!!
    please add me to the betatester list.
    I’ve just obtained a DJ console (e2).

    kind regards,
    Ton Willemsen (PA3BBY)

  21. Robert says:

    Tobias; I went to PSDR 2.0.22 and was really missing the use of the DJ console. I am excited and very happy to get the update and all is working super here now.
    I have not seen any errors at all to report so far.
    excellent work!

    Thanks, 73

  22. Dan - W4TQ says:

    I use PSDR 2.0.22 several hours every day. I use AGC-T much more than AF Gain. Any plans to map this to a potentiometer or encoder?

    My two primary requirements for rotary control would be:
    1 – AGC-T
    2 – VFO A

    If you decide to support AGC-T, I will order a control pronto (otherwise, it wouldn’t be useful to me).

    Thanks & best of luck with your project.

    Dan – W4TQ

    • Hey Dan!
      Thanks for your feedback! With the next release (PowerSDR-UI 0.95) AGC-T will be fully supported. Here on my development PC it’s already working. I just need to fix a few more bugs. Estimated release date is the end of this week (16. April 2011).

      73, Tobias

  23. Dan - W4TQ says:

    Thanks Tobias,

    It didn’t sink in when I just answered your post on FlexEdge that this was your project.

    I’m going to order a DJ Console right now.

    Thanks again & 73,
    Dan – W4TQ

  24. Dan - W4TQ says:


    With regard to functions that are mapped to a potentiometer (AF Gain for example), what happens when you manipulate the slider on PSDR? For example, you forget that it has been mapped to the DJ Console and mover the slider. Does it have an effect? Does the correct slider position resume when you then move the DJ Console potentiometer?

    I assume that PSDR VFO functions continue to work normally even though they are also mapped to the DJ Console digital encoders. Is this correct?

    Dan – W4TQ

    • Dan,
      you are always able to modify the sliders in PowerSDR with the mouse. The DJ Console Interface is event driven. You can adjust the sliders in PSDR at any time. They will remain with that value until you rotate the potentiometer on the DJ Console the next time. Then, the sliders will update and be synced again with the position of the potentiometer. Of course, PSDR VFO functions (and btw ALL functions which come with PSDR) continue work normally. I hope this answers your question.
      73 Tobias

  25. Daniel Long says:

    Hi Tobias,

    I received the DJ MP3 e2 console today, and did the following:

    -Ran the Driver Install program on the DJ MP3 CD which came with the DJ MP3. It installed “bulk” and “midi” drivers, and everything appeared to work OK. I can see the drivers in the sound devices list.

    -Downloaded and extracted the .94 UI zip file into the 2.0.22 Flex Radio folder.
    -Added a link to PSDR UI on the task bar.
    -Started my Flex 5000A.
    -Started PSDR UI.

    The result was a Fatal Error:
    An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.
    (Exception from HRESULT:0x8007000B)
    at PowerSDR.Console..ctor(String[]args)
    at PowerSDR.Console.Main(String[]args)

    When I run PSDR, it starts and runs OK.

    Any ideas? Did I miss a step?

    Dan – W4TQ

    • hey Dan,

      my first guess is that you are using a 64 bit Operating System. In that case, it will be fixed with the next version of PowerSDR-UI which will be released this weekend!
      73 Tobias

  26. Daniel Long says:

    Right you are. I’m using Windows 7-64

  27. Hi, Tobias!
    One bug discovered

    Incorrect work regulators volume of receiver 1 (Volume RX1) and receiver 2 (Volume RX2), regulated only in the mode of multi receivers and only level of volume of receiver 2, the level of the first receiver is not regulated in general (only AF regularor)….. Mouse regulated normally.

    Other switching and regulations take a place normally
    Sorry for my bad english…
    73! Sergey
    p.s.: Tested on two computers system XP SP3 and Seven SP1 version PSDR 0.94UI, Hercules DJ control MP3 e2

    • Hey Sergey,
      thanks for reporting this bug. I’ll check it this evening in the source code!
      73 Tobias

    • Sergey,

      thanks for the additional screenshots and instructions you provided me via email. I was able to reproduce the problem. It will be fixed with PowerSDR-UI 0.95. Thanks!

  28. Daniel Long says:

    Version .95 has only been out for an hour, but I’ve already had a great time assigning the controls and trying them out (on my Windows 7/64 system). Everything is working great. I already see the need for more flexibility in several areas, and here are a few:

    Can the Zoom control also be mapped to the potentiometers? I would like to use the center slider for this purpose. (I have mapped the Ratio Main/Sub Rx to the left vertical slider and the VFO B Volume to the right vertical slider–I always leave VFO-A at maximum volume)

    Also, can the Pan Center button be mapped to the PSDR-UI buttons? Frequently after a Zoom operation, it is necessary to re-center.

    • Hey Dan,
      I’m happy to see that you enjoy the DJ Console improvements!
      I’ll add in the next version the Zoom Control to the potentiometers. Also the Pan-Center Button should be an easy one.
      73 & enjoy!

  29. Daniel Long says:

    Thanks Tobias,

    Here’s another request for your consideration…..

    One of PSDR’s most powerful features is to move either side of the filter skirt while watching the offending interfering signal on the Panadapter display. In order to maintain maximum intelligibility of an SSB signal in a tightly packed band during a contest, it is frequently advantageous to move only one end of the skirt as opposed to decreasing the overall width.

    It would be VERY helpful if the Filter Low and High adjustments could be mapped to rotary controls on the Hercules/PSDR-UI console. I would dedicate the two upper rotary encoders to these functions if they were so mapped.

    Dan- W4TQ

  30. Daniel Long says:

    Hi again Tobias,

    I’m glad to see that you provided mapping for the TX AF Gain control. As you know, it is concealed in PSDR’s Setup Menu. Can you also provide mapping for the “Mon” Button? You have provided a long list of mapped buttons, but I can’t find that one!

    Thanks much,
    73 ,
    Dan – W4TQ

    • Dan,
      indeed – I haven’t implemented the MON Button yet.
      Be sure that it will be included in the next version!
      73 Tobias

  31. Daniel Long says:

    Here’s just a comment (not another request !!),

    I use XIT a lot, but with the Hercules/PSDR-UI, I won’t need to use it at all. By using the lower encoders for VFO-A and VFO-B, and then setting up two buttons for “Split” and “A>B”, you get beautiful XIT operation just by moving the VFO-B control. I used the two buttons just below the VFO-B encoder control for this purpose.

    Those big encoder controls make VFO adjustments so smooth and precise, they are very enjoyable to use.

    Thanks very much,
    Dan – W4TQ

  32. Daniel Long says:

    Hi Tobias,

    On April 17, I submitted a request to map each filter skirt to separate rotary controls.

    Unfortunately, I used the words: “It would be VERY helpful if the Filter Low and High adjustments could be mapped to rotary controls.”

    When you click-and-drag a filter skirt, you get a temporary change to “Low” or “High”. This temporary change is the effect that I was after.

    On the other hand, if you select “Var 1”, and change “Low” or “High”, you get a permanent change to “Low” or “High” in “Var 1”. This is not what I intended.

    I notice that your “Filter Bandwidth” control provides the preferred temporary change to “Low” and “High”.

    Thanks & 73,
    Dan – W4TQ

  33. I have been playing with the DJ MP3 e2 and the 0.95 software and it is just incredible how flexible is this interface!. In fact, it is almost too much flexible as there are so many combinations that you keep playing with them 😀

    There are some small glitches I have found and will report them tomorrow as now it is too late…

    Thanks a lot for the great job!

    73 JOSE EB5AGV

  34. Daniel Long says:

    Do UI settings become part of the PSDR Database?
    (Hercules/PSDR-UI is working beautifully!)
    Thanks & 73,

    • Hey Dan,
      no – I did not include the UI settings inside PSDRs database. The reason is, that I don’t want to modify as less code as possible. Therefore the UI settings are stored in a separate XML file. Depending on your Windows installation you will most likely find them in /AppData/Roaming/FlexRadio Systems/PowerSDR v2.0.22/ directory. The settings are stored in the file DJConsoleSettings.xml.
      73 Tobias

  35. Tks my friend !

  36. Serge says:

    Hi Tobias

    Received my console and tried today.

    Installed latest Power UI 095 +PowerSDR2.022 use Flex1500
    on Windows 7 (Bootcamp Apple Macbook)
    work FB! Very good addition and job – thank you

    73 Serge RV3APM

  37. Hi Tobias,

    I have been playing a bit more with the DJ Console and my Flex-5000a. It is really splendid 🙂 !

    One comment: my unit has the RX2 option fitted (a hardware sub-receiver) and I have not found the way to adjut RX2 AUDIO level, as the available option works always on the main receiver sub-receiver volume. Tuning does work, and also activation of the RX2 receiver, but the volume keeps working on sub-receiver (I know this is a bit complex but hope you understand 🙂 ). I can beta-test any mod you may develop.

    73 JOSE EB5AGV

    • Hola Jose!
      Thanks for your report. I’ll see if I can find the reason in the code and let you know.
      73 Tobias

  38. John, N3WT says:

    Hi Tobias,

    I ordered the DJ Console from Amazon and should receive it by April 28. My Flex 5000A is 3.5 years now, so I’m quite an experienced user and will be able to give you constructive feedback. Mostly a CW operator. I use two monitors with DX-Labs programs also running, so the focus has always been an issue with me. Also, with my right hand on the cw paddle, so now my left hand will be on the DJ Console to make adjustments. Your new system is what I hope will be what I can really use.

    Sounds great Tobias and looking forward to it.
    John , N3WT

    • Hey John,
      thanks for your comment! I’m already curious to receive your feedback!
      Within the next days we are going to set up a email list on Yahoogroups. Would be a pleasure to see you on the list!
      73 & enjoy SDR!

  39. John, N3WT says:

    I’m having a problem. I loaded everything, drivers and ver. 95. My system is Windows 7, 64bit.
    On executing PowerSDR-UI, PowerSDR version 2.0.22 starts but crashes within 3 seconds. As if I terminated PowerSDR. PowerSDR v. 2.0.22 operates normally without PowerSDR-UI. Any ideas?

    John N3WT

    • John, N3WT says:

      I got it going fine after a reboot of the PC after installation of the drivers. This is great! I love it that mouse focus is not required. Now I can enter calls in the log while adjusting RIT or CW wpm or all kinds of settings without need for focus.

  40. John N3WT says:

    I got it all going , I rebooted my PC after installing and then it worked. PowerSDR was crashing at first, but after PC reboot seems okay. I’m testing it out now. So far, great.

    Wow, sure a lot of options for the controls!!. I will have to experiment on how I like mine set up.

    I will have to come up with some labels for the controls. Would be interesting to see how others have their controls set up.

    John N3WT

  41. *** IMPORTANT NEWS ***

    You can access the recently created PowerSDR-UI Yahoogroup at:


    73 JOSE EB5AGV

  42. John, N3WT says:

    In the next version, would be useful to add the option command to send CW memory funtions.

  43. Hi Tobias!

    I would like to join your group. It’s a fantastic work, what you have made. I’m using SDR for more than a year now. I’m an IT engineer. Maybe i can give some help to the group.
    I’ve already ordered the Hercules mixer, so within 1-2 week I can tell to you an opinion.

    73’s de HA3JO Joe

    • Hey Joe! Thats fantastic! You are of course very welcome to join our PSDR-UI Yahoogroup! I’m happy to receive feedback and your opinion on the DJ Console implementation!
      73 Tobias

  44. Tony says:

    This is sheer genius. After using the Flex 1500 for a week, it’s all to obvious that the Flex guys spend all their time on the code and the hardware, and none on operating. For example, when operating split, the knob you use the most is VFO B — yet it’s very inconvenient to tune it with the clunky PSDR interface. When the radio has a couple of tuning knobs and some sliders, its potential is enormously enhanced. Add an outboard keyer with a sidetone (so you can turn off the radio’s confusing delayed sidetone), and you’re good to go. In fact, contesters and DXers who now disdain Flex might suddenly get interested. Great job, Tobias.

  45. Tim Taylor says:

    I’ve been watching your progress for a while. I finally bought a Hercules DJ Control MP3 E2. I installed your software and it worked the first time. I love it.

    I am truly impressed with the improvement in control I have over PSDR. I am not a mouse hater; but, this platform is a large step forward in my opinion.

    Please sign me up as a Beta tester. I would love to try out new versions and exchange ideas.

    Tim K8XS

  46. Dick Hale says:

    What a great idea! I hope Flex will contact you to include this in ALL distributions of PowerSDR! I can’t wait to get this going for the CQWPXCW the end of May2011…

    Best 73 es de Dick, W7PP

  47. Chris says:

    Hi Tobias,

    Just ordered the Hercules DJ Control MP3 E2 from Amazon yesterday and downloaded your software.
    I started ham radio nearly 50 years back with a Central Electronics 10B phasing exciter. Later we were told that “filter” was the way to go.

    Now I have a Flex 1500 and SDR brings us back to phasing techniques.

    Can hardly wait for my Hercules to arrive! Thanks for your exciting new break-through!

    73, Chris ZL1BOE

    • Hey Chris! Even if SDR provides a whole new set of features, there is a reason why current transceivers still have knobs and buttons. I’m sure you will like the DJ Console add-on.

  48. Paul w8jn says:

    Tobias, This is a terrific favor you have done for the amateur communiyt. I downloaded Powersdr-ui and it is bringing up powersdr smoothly. I ordered the Hercules from Amazon and should have it Tuesday. Thanks again.
    Paul w8jn

  49. Bernd says:

    Hello Tobias,
    I got 2 questions:

    1.: has the new Hercules DJ Control MP3 E2 the same comfort as the older MK2 which is no more available. Means: does it have the same knobs (= enough knobs) to control my powerSDR?

    2.: I have to install the software as shown on your website, connect the DJ control with my PC and it runs perfectly (I hope)?

    (I am runnning PowerSDR 2.0.22, windows xp prof. and the flex 5000A)

    thanks an 73 de Bernd

    • Hey Bernd,

      1. Answer: yes – there are only small differences between the MK2 and MP3 E2. Both work fine. The MP3 E2 has a few more buttons. I have both consoles and I like to use both of them. They are practially equal.
      2. Answer: Yes – just install (copy) the software as instructed on the website and it will work out of the box.

      Let uns know you have purchased your console!

      73 Tobias

  50. Very nice project, work with last release candidate of PowerSDR?

  51. But hercule mk2 or e2 ? what ‘is the best?

    • I have no clear favorite. They both work well!

    • tiziano says:

      yes I think! But of advice to buy one …

    • Tiziano,

      go for the E2 MP3. It’s still available on Amazon or any other Retailer. The MK2 is not produced anymore so you might encounter difficulties to find it in a shop.
      73 Tobias

  52. tiziano says:

    Ok Tobias thanck you very nice for the info.
    best regards

    Iw7efc Tiziano

  53. Jeff K0OD says:

    Is tuning acceleration available with the VFO knobs so that the radio tunes slowly at first and then accelerates for wide QSYs?

    Thanks Jeff

    • Jeff, I’ve been playing around with acceleration algorithms, but finally threw them out of the code again. If enough users would vote for the implementation, then I could bring it in again.
      73 Tobias

    • John, N3WT says:

      I set the two buttons just below VFO A knob to change the VFO tuning step. Very handy. One button less, the other plus for the step.

      John, N3WT

  54. Bernd says:

    Is it possible to print out a “map” of the Hercules concole after the setup to find the right knobs again later during a QSO?

    • Hi Bernd,

      I have not included this as an option yet, but you could certainly take a snapshot and print it out.

    • Dick says:

      Bernd: Go to the PowerSDR-UI Yahoo Group page and look for my pictures in the pictures file. As you can see I have labeled mine with DYMO labels. No looking up on a pix or paper printout for what I need in the middle of a contest! This way takes time but is eaisly changed and no “where is that button?”

      Dick, W7PP

    • Bernd says:

      @Dick: I can not join the group with my google account as offered 🙁
      Any advice???
      Is it necessary to create a new yahoo account?

    • Dick says:

      Yes. You must have a Yahoo account to join any of the Yahoo Groups. Free and easy, plus it will allow you to join many Ham Radio groups….

  55. Hi Tobias & group,

    I hope that if you have an acceleration feature, that it is a separate control.
    Such as:
    1) VFO A
    2) VFO A with acceleration
    I use the two buttons just below the “VFO A” encoder to provide “step up” and “step down” to provide faster or slower tuning if I need it. (I sometimes find “accelerated” controls frustrating.)

    I looked at several other DJ controllers. I like the Hercules MP3 because it has four rotary encoders. I’m using the big ones for VFO’s A and B. I’m looking forward to your mapping the individual left and right filter skirts that could then be set with the two upper rotary encoders.

    Thanks & 73,
    Dan – W4TQ

  56. Bernd says:

    Hello Tobias,
    I just installed my Hercules MP3 E2 (DJ Control MP3 Treiber & VirtuelDJ DJC Edition) and unzipped the UI0.95 in the suggested way. After booting the PC, I started the PowerSDR-UI 0.95…exe and it begins to start. Then it causes an error: »PowerSDR hat ein Problem festgestellt und muss beendet werden«. In the background I see the PowerSDR-Screen / surface, that´s all. After clicking on »nicht berichten«, PowerSDR is closing.
    My System: windows xp prof., PowerSDR v2.0.22, UI 0.95

    I hope You can help me 🙁

    vy 73 de Bernd – DL9UAS

    • Hey Bernd,
      thanks for your email. I’m glad everything works now.
      73 Tobias

    • Bernd says:

      Hello Tobias,
      I´m glad too and I hope the UI 0.96 will do his job too 😉

      VY 73 de Bernd – DL9UAS

  57. Tobias,
    I buy a MP3 E2, I have Windows 7 x64 and PowerSDR 2.0.22 I have installated a Driver from CD of Hercules package, now when I lunch a PowerSDR-UI exe PowerSDR go to crash 🙁

    • Hey Frank,
      do you still have problems with PSDR-UI? In case it still doesn’t work send me an email and we’ll try to help you in a Skype session.
      73 Tobias

  58. Bernd says:

    Does someone know if it is possible to pull out the buttons of the Hercules MP3 E3 (I want to label the buttons)??

    Bernd – DL9UAS

    • Hello,
      I thought the labels printed metal, with various commands above, but I have no idea on whether there is a place to do it, it would be nice!

    • Good idea! Haven’t thought so far in how the labels could be personalized. Some guys have labeled them with a DYMO.

    • Bernd says:

      Labeling with DYMO is no option for me. I´m afraid I have to screw the Hercules on.
      [btw: the UI 0.96 runs perfectly]

    • IZ7AUH says:

      Ok for DYMO I have one here, I have to find a black plastic belt with white print, I just clear tape and white image, but would find a factory that creates for us to bond metal buttons above.

  59. How can I be able to illuminate the buttons are pressed?

    • Hey Frank,
      I haven’t implemented the illumination of the buttons yet. It’s on the list of requested features, but it’ll take some more time.

  60. Bernd - DL9UAS says:

    Is it possible to activate a second level with the 2 »Loops/FX – Shift« buttons (like in the original software of the Hercule MP3E2)?
    Because there are more than 60 possibilities to map the buttons 🙁

    • Hey Bernd,
      in theory – YES. However I haven’t found a proper way to show that either 1/2/3/4 OR 5/6/7/8 is activated. I currently have the 5/6/7/8 buttons disabled to reduce complexity and to avoid confusion.

    • Bernd - DL9UAS says:

      suggestion: in the first level, the button is not illuminated and if activated, the button is illuminated?

    • Hi Bernd, my intention was to turn on the illumination for all buttons. Maybe some sort of blinking could help. I’ll let you know when I found something suitable.

  61. Ken - NM9P says:

    This is flat awesome. in 1992 I spend months deciding which rig to purchase. The deciding factor was control panel layout, and I settled for a Kenwood TS-850SAT, which I still have today. Your excellent work now offers a completely customizable control panel, which can be personalized to the user’s preferences.

    Question: Can you program different “scenes” which can be loaded at will. For example, one for contesting, one for rag-chewng, one for when operating with transverters and weak signal, one for when my wife operates and prefers a different layout? This would be a very powerful feature (which you may have already implemented.


    • Bernd - DL9UAS says:

      Good idea Ken! I thought about such a possibility too, but I am waiting at first for illuminated buttons. So I can switch off the light in my shack!

    • Hi Ken,
      I’ll give it a thought implement some kind of “profiles”. It’ll require some changes deep in the architecture. I agree that it would be nice to load different profiles.
      73 Tobias

    • Ken - NM9P says:

      Hi Tobias,
      “Profiles” is the correct word I was intending, rather than “scenes.” (“Scenes” comes from a programmable lighting and sound console at my church.) This would be a great addition. The great thing about SDR is that you are limited only by the creativity and “Stupid ideas” of the programmer, (or those who recommend additional features!) Good luck and thanks again!

  62. Hi Tobias!

    Do need any major changes in the code to use other equipment? I have the Behringer BCD3000 and have the desire to adapt it for the same purpose as the Hercules.

    Best regards,

    • Hey Andrew,
      Yes – it will take you some days to add full support for a MIDI device like the Behringer BCD3000. I was thinking to implement a generic MIDI interface similar to what Simon, HB9DRV did in SDR-Console.com. As a first shot you could check if your Behringer BCD3000 works well with SDR-Console.com
      73 Tobias

    • Hi Tobias!

      Yes, Behringer with sdr-console works. Perhaps not fully as we would like, however, commands are sent, the console moves 🙂


  63. Bernd - DL9UAS says:

    What is new with the 0.97? (btw: the feed of this side and the new one is not working).
    VY 73 de Bernd

    • Hi Bernd,
      in 0.97 the ATU problem was fixed. Now it’s possible to use the Automatic Antenna Tuner of Flex-3000.
      I’ll check the RSS feed. tnx
      73 Tobias

  64. Bernd - DL9UAS says:

    Hi Tobias,
    the new version of powersdr (2.1.5) is available.
    Will it run with the console?

    • Hi Bernd,
      I’ll update PSDR-UI as soon as I have received a copy of the 2.1.5 source code from FlexRadio Systems. Expect PSDR-UI 0.98 within the next few days.
      73 Tobias

  65. Pavel says:

    pavel – RZ6HCF

    Hi Tobias!!!
    the new version psdr 2.2.2
    will it run with the console?

    • Hi Pavel!
      Currently I’m migrating PSDR-UI as soon as a new stable version PowerSDR has been released. I have no intentions to migrated the code of the Beta version.
      73 Tobias

  66. Oliver (DL6KBG) says:

    Hi Tobias et al !

    Congratulations for that great work!

    It is possible to run PowerSDR-UI with a Softrock RXTX Ensemble?

    I saw that with POWERSDR-UI the Setup is different and it asks for a Softrock40 or SDR1000, but i had no success with the modified Sdr1kUsb.dll.

    I tried it with PowerSDR 2.015 and the latest PowerSDR-UI.

    Thanks and keep on going your work. I like your Podcast with the SDR-Cube. Make more of that stuff.

    73, Oliver DL6KBG, Dresden, Saxony

    • Hey Oliver!
      Unfortunately, PSDR-UI doesn’t Support the Si570 oscillator driven softrock kits. So until today, you need to have either a single band softrock or one of flex’ radios.
      Stay tuned on the podcast, I’m currently preparing the next episode!
      73 and have fun with SDR!

  67. Bernd - DL9UAS says:

    Hi Tobias,
    how can I import the settings from the console?
    I run the SDR v.2.0.22 before and made an update to v.2.1.5.
    The UI 0.98 is installed but it`s boring the make a new configuration of the console after every update 🙁
    Can You help me???
    tnx, Bernd

    • Bernd, unfortunately the settings are not migrated if new features are added. However with the update from PSDR-UI 0.98 to 0.99 the XML file with the settings can be copied so that you don’t have to reconfigure the settings. I’m already working on this issue.
      Sorry for this inconvenience. 73 Tobias

  68. Vitaly- RZ3BP says:

    Hi Tobias!
    On this day, I also lucky enough to own this device!
    Thank you, Tobias!
    Tell me, please. Is it possible to customize the functions of TNF on the console Hercules?
    PowerSDR v.2.2.3. This is my first experience with Hercules.
    Thanks again!
    73! Vitaly.

    • Hi Vitaly,

      PSDR-UI is making use of PSDR’s native CAT interface. Unfortunately, the TNF functions are not available on the CAT interface yet. I will open a feature-request ticket at FlexRadio, so that they will hopefully include it in the next release (PSDR 2.3). 73 Tobias

  69. Hi Tobias,
    I purchased the new Hercules console and and installed your last release… it works P E R F E C T ! ! ! !
    Now I have a fully controlled contest station with my Flex 3000 :-)))
    Thank you very much for your great job. I’ll follow you on your Yahoo group.
    Congratulations, ham spirit EXAMPLE!
    73 Mimmo – IZ0GIF

  70. Jay Grizzard says:

    You should definitely make this into a more generic module… I have several midi control surfaces that would work great with PowerSDR (e.g. a Novation Nocturn). All you’d really need to do was to publish a mapping of what events mapped to what actions in PowerSDR, and then it becomes very easy for someone like me to set up a controller and start using it…

    • Hey Jay,
      yes, I have plans to include a more generic MIDI interface as well. I pretty much like it the way, Simon Brown has implemented the MIDI Interface in SDR-Console.com.
      73 Tobias

  71. Dave Morgan says:

    This software is very impressive and useful! I had been playing with the PSDR in demo mode and then stumbled across this. I got so excited I ran down to my local Guitar Center and bought a controller. After playing with it in demo mode for a few hours, I bit the bullet and ordered a FLEX-5000.

    I agree with others that it would be great if FlexRadio would at some point include your code as part of the stock release. You make the usage so much easier. 🙂

    — Dave

    • Hey Dave,
      thanks for the feedback. I’m sure you will enjoy the Flex5000 with the DJ Console. It’s a great radio and a great combination 🙂
      73 Tobias

  72. VK3APG - Paul says:

    Hi Tobias,
    here i am 7 months later, and still loving the UI, i have become reliant on it, i have really enjoyed using it..thanks again to for keeping up with all the releases along the way..I am currently using 0.99..looking forward to one day the UI to be part of the release of powersdr..hope Flex Radio is listening 😉



  73. Sergiy says:

    Tobias, you have very good idea to use this hardware. But SDR radios is not only Flex. So many another equipment (Perseus, QS1R and so on) has ugly software, which are not allowed to control with hotkeys or operational panel. Could you make option in your program for control over DJ Console any hamradio software with CAT emulation? For such program many radio amateurs could be happy and pay some money for useful interface.

    • Hey Sergiy,
      it’s true that FlexRadios are not the only SDR HW platform – but they are currently the most popular and best supported ones. Simon Brown, HB9DRV has recently also implemented the DJ Console interface for his SDR-RADIO.COM software. I acknowledge the lack of a standardized interfaces between the three main SDR components (see: http://www.dh1tw.de/understanding-the-sdr-concept). But which interface / protocol should I use? Kenwood? Flexradio Systems’ ? I believe that this has to be defined in a working group on international level. E.g. ARRL with JARL and DARC, including representatives of the main RIG manufactures, if possible.

  74. Sergiy says:

    Tobias, thank you for answer! As I know alternative SDR receivers, there is 100 % support of standard CAT Icom and Kenwood. If your program is not locked only for PowerSDR than it is not problem to take data from DJ Console and send it directly to CAT. Could you make virtual DJ Console, program which can simulate keystrokes and knobs? Than everybody could understand what is it is your program and how it run!

  75. Bernd says:

    Hi Tobias,
    I have somte trouble with the powersdr-ui. When I press the button »band up», the band will change from example: 28 MHz to 50 MHz, 5,3 MHZ, 1,8 MHz an 3,6 MHz and then it begins from 5,3 MHz…. to 3,6 Mhz. The »band down«-button is doing his job well.
    Does someone have the same problem???
    (I am running powersdr2.2.3 and a windows 7/64 pc)

    Any ideas?

  76. Bernd says:

    Hi Tobias,
    I installed my Power SDR and the UI under windows 7/64. Yesterday everxthing was o.k. Today it will not run. Sometimes PowerSDR starts and windows 7 will close it at once. Another time, PowerSDR is running correctly, and after a few seconds, it will be closed.
    Where is the bug????

  77. Howard says:

    Hi Tobias,

    I am having trouble finding the updated drivers to the Hercules DJ Console. Even your link above is not working. If you have them can you email them to me or point me to where I might be able to obtain them.

    Thank you,

    • Howard,
      I think Hercules’ website was down for some hours. We had similar reports in the Yahoogroup. Now (sunday morning 4.12.2011) it’s up again.
      73 Tobias

  78. Howard says:

    Hi Tobias,

    1st — I neglected to say how much your work is appreciated. Thank you!

    2nd — I see that the site is back up. I cannot get my DJ Control MP3 E2 console to install on my Windows based PC. I have a Lenovo W510 running Windows 7. The machine has a Core i7 chip with 16GB RAM. Can not get my Lenovo W510 PC running Windows 7 to recognize the device. I have even used the latest drivers from the Hercules Support/FAQ site.

    When I look at the Control Panel, in the Devices section, the following is displayed “The device cannot start (Code 10)”. When I try to update the driver it stays that Windows has determined that the best driver for my software is already installed. I 1st used the latest drivers from the Hercules site (2011_HDJS_4. I then even tried using the drivers off the original CD that comes with the console — no luck. So I went back to the latest drivers.

    I have PoweSDR v2.2.3 running fine on my machine. I have your PowerSDR-UI 0.99 beta running fine on my machine. Yet I can’t install the DJ Console. When I fire up the PowerSDR beta and I click on Setup — User Interface — Select User Interface, it doesn’t surprise me that I get the msg “Sorry, no compatible device detected”.

    Do you have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

    Howard (W1HMB)

    • Hi Howard,
      this sounds strange. It’s definitely a driver / hardware related issue. My suggestion:
      1. Uninstall all Hercules hardware (having the DJ Console unplugged)
      2. Reinstall the 2011_HDJS_4 driver package (having the DJ Console unplugged)
      3. Plugin the DJ Console

      In the Yahoogroup we had reports about different performance of USB plugs. Usually the ones located on the motherboard are the fastest ones. I’m not sure if this helps you, but try to use another USB port as well.

      73 Tobias

  79. Howard says:

    Good evening Tobias,

    Truly appreciate your rapid response. Tried your suggestion and “No Joy”. Not sure what to do next. Tried all 3 USB ports on the W510. All were consistent in not working.

    Again, many thanks for your time!


  80. Howard says:

    Hi Tobias,

    A further update & some great news! I spoke to a fellow ham who suggested we try all the USB ports again on the machine. This time, the rear USB port worked fine — the DJ Console installed and everything is working perfectly. Not sure why this is the case, but it is. And for the record, I can plug other USB devices into the side USB ports and all is well with those devices. I am not sure why the Lenovo doesn’t like the DJ Console in all but the rear USB port. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that the USB ports on the Lenovo are USB 3.0.

    Again, thank you for your help earlier today!

    73, Howard (W1HMB)

    • Hi Howard,
      I’m glad the DJ Console is up and working. As mentioned, sometimes it just helps to change the USB board. Usually the ones on the back are directly soldered to the motherboard.
      Anyway – have fun rocking the airwaves with your new turntables 🙂
      73 Tobias

  81. Klaus HB9EDQ says:

    Hallo Tobias,

    ich bin per Zufall auf Deine PowerSDR-UI Lösung aufmerksam geworden und habe mir den Herkules sofort bestellt, Deine Software heruntergeladen und nach Anleitung installiert. Nach Installation der neuesten Herkules Treiber hat dann alles nahezu auf Anhieb funktioniert. Das ist eine ganz grossartige Idee mit dem Herkules Board. Besser als alles andere auf dem Markt. Ich bin fleissig am Testen und bin wirklich sehr angetan. Das Herkules Board ist nahezu ideal für diese Anwendung. Wirst Du die Kontrolleds auch irgendwann noch implementieren? Um auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben habe ich den Newsletter bestellt. 73 de Klaus

  82. Serge R6YY says:

    Hi Tobias,

    TNX for Your PowerSDR-UI. Beautifully!!!
    For operative work it is necessary switch of the antennas ANT1/ANT2/ANT3

    73! R6YY

  83. Dennis Deaton KG7UY says:

    Got my DJ Console mp3 E2 today. Had it up and running on the Flex 1500 in about 20 minutes. Took a lot longer figuring out the mapping of the console for my needs 🙂 . Thanks for making this happen!!! As a guy who has been using computers since 1978 I still want knobs to run the radio even though I want the flexibility of the SDR . Where do we send a contribution for a job well done?

    • Hey Dennis!
      I´m glad you like PowerSDR-UI! I just added a little Paypal button to the website! Thank you and have fun with SDR & DJ-Console!
      73 Tobias

  84. Bernd says:

    Hallo Tobias,
    wird es was Neues geben wenn PowerSDR 2.3.5 kommt?
    VY 73 de Bernd

    • hi Bernd,
      Sure, as soon as I have a copy of the code I will create a PSDR-UI version based on 2.3.5.

      73 Tobias

  85. Bernd says:

    btw: can I update to v2.3.5 and use the”old” PowerSDR-UI anyway? I don’t wanna miss the console 😉
    [I am afraid, that is NOT possible]
    On the other side, I can run v2.2.3 OR v2.3.5…. I have not to uninstall the older one!
    Can You give me an advise?

    73 de Bernd

    • Hi Bernd,
      PowerSDR 2.3.5 will upgrade the firmware of your Flex-Radio. Therefore I guess that the two versions are not compatible anymore. I suggest to either wait until I have published the next version of PSDR-UI or to live with out the console for a few days. It’s your choice 😉

    • Bernd says:

      Hello Tobias,
      when can we await the update for 2.3.5?
      VY 73 de Bernd

    • The Yahoogroup has already access to the beta version. I think I will be able to upload the software during this week onto the website.
      73 Tobias

    • Bernd says:

      The update is available, tnx Tobias (thought it will be Vers. 1.0)

  86. Pavel says:

    When will a new version of software PowerSDR 2.3.5

  87. Pavel,RZ6HCF says:

    Hi Tobias!!!!
    Tobias when to expect a new version of software
    Poversdr 2.3.5
    It is waiting!

  88. Ray EI3GD says:

    Many thanks Tobias,
    It’s amazing how much your UI software with Hercules DJ improves the user experiance of the FlexRadio.
    I can’t thank you enough, a donation is on the way my friend.

    I have improved the DJ Contoller “feel” by inserting some childs Plasticine into the back of the shuttle knobs. This vastly improves the feel and response, it feels like top line Yaesu or Kenwood now !!!

    And for added stability I packed the rear cover (plenty of space inside) with the remainder of the Plasticine (had a 475g pack to use up!). This doubles the weight of the DJ controller giving it a solid feel. I can post some photos and a video is anyone is intrested.

    Ray EI3GD

  89. Bernd says:

    Hi Tobias,
    I had some trouble with PowerSDR 2.3.5 and to make all the settings new 🙁
    Before I do this, I will install the new SDR 2.4.4. Can You tell me when the new UI is coming? So I can make the complete installation 🙂 …and import the console settings…
    And will the new UI have some new features?

    • Bernd, expect the new Version (2.4.4) within the next few days. Can’t promise on additional features.
      Be aware that 2.3.5 is not compatible with 2.4.4
      73 Tobias

  90. Bernd says:

    Hello Tobias,
    I can’t join the Yahoogroup 🙁
    I try to join with my facebook account but I always fall back on this side:
    But I see that there are some new messages, but I can not follow and can notread them.
    Can You help me? Is there something new about the UI for PwrSDR2.2.4???

    73 Bernd

  91. Mimmo says:

    Hi Tobias,
    I would to thank you for the great job you made and I would to thank you again for the improvements I asked you and that you have implemented in this release.

    Now the band change is quickly and once I have setted the three modes per band, I only need to push the band button three times to change among cw, lsb/usb, digl/digu.

    It is a great feature in multiband contests!!!

    I hope to hear you on air during the next contests, ssb or cw.
    Best 73s,

    Mimmo – IZ0GIF

  92. Hubert says:

    Hallo Tobias,
    ist es möglich PowerSDR-UI auch bei HPSDR einzusetzen zumal ja Flex-1500 einsetzbar ist.
    73 Hubert

  93. Richard says:

    No matter what I try I cannot get the UI to operate.
    Followed your video.
    Confused about what is compressed and has to be decompressed I guess.

  94. Bernd says:

    @Richard, can I give You any support? It runs perfectly here with my flex5000 and windows 7 prof.

  95. Ken - K1ENW says:

    Your UI is amazing.
    I’ve been searching the net, but unable to find what I’m looking for.
    Is there an earlier version of your PowerSDR-UI that’ll work with PowerSDR v
    That version seems to be the latest version that I can get my SoftRock (SDR-Si570) to work with.
    I’ve tried to configure v 2.4.4 to work with the SoftRock…no luck…doesn’t like the USB interface since that one’s not Flex.
    I love using your latest UI (PowerSDR-UI_0.994_beta) with my Flex, but would also like to use it with my other receiver.

  96. Peter Grainger says:

    I must compiment you on a job well done.Have been using the current version of GUI with my flex 5000 a .it makes a great radio fantastic. Many thanks and happy new year to you and yours.regards Peter g0sln

  97. Bernd - DL9UAS says:

    Hello Tobias, HNY! Are You working for an update for PowerSDR v2.5.3? I hope to get it soon 🙂
    VY 73 de Bernd

  98. Bhanu VU2MB says:

    Hi Tobias
    What you are doing is great and I have a request
    That PSDR is being used for HPSDR radios like Hermes with 7 RX and ANAN-10 ANAN -100 ANAN 100d for 14 RX and diversity reception.

    I have a suggestion and request that you should kindly support those and may be newer 4 channel mixers from Hercules DJ Control may give access to use 4 RX

    Here is the Apache Labs website link

    K5SO Joe and W5WC Doug are writing PowerSdr for HPSDR and Apache labs radio


  99. Bhanu VU2MB says:

    Here is the open HPSDR web
    ANAN-100D is supposed to be the worlds most
    Advanced SDR transceiver and I am one of the
    Beta tester and ANAN-10 (Hermes) is already with users through Apache Labs and TAPR

    Hermann has written a wonderful software called cuSDR for these radios apart from PSDR by K5SO and W5WC


    • Hi Bhanu,
      I’m currently quite busy. A general, independent software is on the list, but I have to focus currently on other projects. However I would be willing to contribute and setup a joint development – but currently I just don’t have the time to develop this own my own.

      73 Tobias

  100. Hi! Thanks Tobias for the SW!

    Since I am 100% remote station I was searching for quite some time to integrate DJ console remotely. Using RaspbarryPi or virtualbox I manage to use it over WAN.

    Check this great solution; Virtualhere: http://www.virtualhere.com/usb_server_software
    you need to portforwared single port on the server side.

    73 and TNX making console support

  101. Hello OM Tobias,

    I have a question. Is it possible to change tuning step on man knob?. I prefer step 1Hz but I would like to change tunning rate on knob.

    With friendly regards

    Vit OK5MM

    • Hi Vit,
      currently it’s only possible to change the step size, but not the tuning rate. In the future I might implement an acceleration algorithm.

      73 Tobias

  102. That´s a great tool, Tobias!

    I just got the DJControl, connected it, installed the drivers, copied your UI-files to the PowerSDR directory and: It works perfect without any difficulies!



  103. Claudio says:


    thanks for the very quick update to the latest 2.7.2 Power SDR version
    73, Clay

  104. John K3YJP says:

    What a great find! I added the DJ Control MP3 e2 to my setup. Works great.
    I see the buttons are back-lit. Is that something that can be turned on maybe a function that can be assigned to a button?

    This interface makes the Flex a really slick radio, thanks/


  105. Paul says:

    Program 2.7.2 worked fine for a day. The program now crashes and says “Unhandled execution has occurred. Value was either too large or too small for an Int32” The program will not close but can be minimized. I tried changing the USB port on the back of the tower. No joy. Tried removing and re installing the drivers and the program. I am running Windows 7. Please help. Paul

  106. Hi Tobias,

    I won´t miss your tool anymore. I use it with a FLEX-1500 to drive transverters for 23 and 13 cm. There is no problem on 1296 MHz, but when working on 2320 MHz I get the error “Der Wert für einen Int32 war zu groß oder zu klein.” whenever I touch a knob on the djcontrol. If of any use, I can send you the details of the error via email.

    vy 73

    • Hi Andreas,
      the same problem was reported by Paul, just a few days ago. I’m currently investigating the problem. Stay tuned!
      73 Tobias

  107. Tobis,

    thank you for the quick fix!

    It works fb now up to 99000 MHz, wich the limit of PowerSDR.

    vy 73

    Andreas, DJ5AR

  108. DL9UAS says:

    Hallo Tobias, will the console support the New generation of Flex 6000… too? I would miss this nice possibility if I probably change my SDR.

  109. I’ve installed the latest of the MP3 E2 drivers. Widows 7 sees it. I’ve installed PowerSDR 2.7.2 and UI 9.9.7. I’ve tried plugging either or both into usb 2 and usb 3 ports. Nothing I do seems to get UI to see the MP3E2. I saw above several people have gotten this working. Any tips would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  110. Bob K4HJF says:


    I downloaded your latest beta this evening but cannot install the 5 files into my Program files directory. I am running OpenHPSDR with a Hermes board rather than Flex Open SDR. I receive a non-specific error when attempting to paste the files. Operating system is Vista. OpenHPSDR runs well and has for some time. I would like to put my newly acquired Hercules controller to use. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  111. Robert, pa0rwt says:

    Hi Tobias,
    Never thought I would play DJ, but your interface works like a charm!
    I use the Hercules DJ control with PowerSDR 2.7.2 on a MacBook-Pro (2011) running Windows 7, and also on a MacBook (2006) running Windows XP.

    Vielen Dank !

  112. Art IK7JWY says:

    HI Tobias,
    when I download your software, I get a notice of malware from Google Chrome.
    Why ?
    73, Art IK7JWY

    • Hi Art,
      this is strange. I just checked the binary and tried to download it with Chrome. I don’t get this warning. The binary is definitely ok and doesn’t contain any malware.
      73 Tobias

    • Art IK7JWY says:

      ok Tobias, thank you for your quick answer. Surely it’s a false positive.
      I’m thiking to buy an ANAN100 SDR transceiver by Apache Lab. I’m looking for a DJ console. Does the current model Hercules “Control Instinct” is supported ?
      73, Art IK7JWY

  113. Thomas says:

    Hello Tobias,

    is it possible to download the UI-version, based on Power SDR 2.3.5?
    Because I have problems to update my Lima SDR to 2.7.2

    Thanks a lot
    Thomas, DL4YEB

  114. Chris says:

    Hi Tobias. Do you distribute only binaries or there is a public source control server where from I can download source code (powersdr ui) of your dj console controller implementation. I’m asking because there is project called genesis radio (g11 , g59, g3020, g40 transceivers) that is using branched powersdr , codes are open source. If your code is open than It would be wonderful to have your permission to port it to GSDR software .
    Best regards

  115. Chris says:


    I have seen your modification of oryginal opensource powersdr software that enables it to use hercules dj console. Great piece of work 🙂 . I am an owner of GenesisRadio G11 Multiband transceiver that is using branched version of Powersdr (opensource) and I want to port your implementation of dj console management system. Is it possible to get your permission to port your work to opensource GenesisRadio Powersdr branch (I will place info about author of oryginal implementation) ???. Do you have sourcecode (not obligatory – I can use decompiler).

    Best regards

  116. Richard says:

    I am running Power SDR on my Flex 5000A and I just extracted and copied all the files to the proper program files directory. I created a shortcut to run your exe file and it says unable to load “pal.dll”

    What did I do wrong??? Computer is running Windows 10

    Thanks much


  117. Hi Tobias,
    About a hour ago I wrote here about my problem with the DJ control MP3 e2 but I don’t see my message now. Anyway my problem was solved – after visiting many webs I downloaded a really functioning driver 2012_HDJS_6.exe for DJ control MP3 e2 from http://www.touslesdrivers.com/index.php?v_page=23&v_code=36886.
    73 Julda, OK1NE

  118. evgeny says:

    Can’t download the file PowerSDR-UI 0.997 beta package?


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