Technical Publications

[2004] Wave propagation modeling for airborne communication systems, IEEE APS

[2004] A system’s view of numerical wave propagation modeling for airborne radio communication systems (co author), IEEE APS

[2004] Contest Logging Software, CQ/DL Spezial, DARC Verlag

[2010] New Technologies and the Art of Contesting, NCJ Nov/Dec Edition; publisher: ARRL

Non Technical Publications

[2004] Erstes WWYC Summer Camp Croatia, Where do we meet next?, CQ/DL 11/2004, DARC Verlag

[2005] WWYC Aktiv ohne Grenzen, CQ/DL 10/2005, DARC Verlag

[2007] In 60 days from Hongkong to Singapore, Book, Private print run