SDR Resources


SDR Cube signal processing all done with a Microcontroller by N2ABP and OH2NLT

FlexRadio SDR Transceivers

Softrock Order Page by Tony Parks, KB9YIG

Softrock Project explanations by Robby, WB5RVZ

Genesis an allband QRP SDR transceiver kit from down under

PMSDR a well designed HF allband SDR based receiver

SDR Widget a microcontroller based interface PCB which provides useful auxiliary functionality for softrock based kits

FA-SDR-TRX a comprehensive allband SDR transceiver (kit)

Mobo Kit a 5 Watt allband SDR based on the Softrock 6.3

Lima SDR a 1 Watt allband SDR transceiver (in German)

SDR-KTH comprehensive HF-UHF SDR based receiver kit by PA0RWE

Beaglebrick the “iPad” for Hams

LD-1 Lazy Dog, an HF all band SDR based Receiver

FiFi SDR a low cost Softrock clone, but with an optional A/D to USB Converter so that no more soundcard is needed

LP-PAN & FT1000MP F6AOJ has an instruction on his website how to modify an FT1000MP to use it with an LP-PAN Adapter

Harzburg-SDR another German Softrock clone with kits & manuals available in German

Pappradio a low cost, allband softrock clone. The shop has pre-assembled radios on sale;  German project

FUNCube Dongle an SDR Radio (67MHz…1700MHz) located within a tiny USB dongle

USB2SDR SV1EIA’s ADC/DAC board to replace the soundcard

TransFox HF-VHF-UHF SDR based transceiver

Linux based SDR Software:

lysdr by Gordon, MM0YAQ

DttSP Open Source SDR / DSP Libraries

LinRad Crossplattform SDR progam by Leif, SM5BSZ

SDR-Shell a linux based Graphical User Interface for the DttSP libraries

Quisk a SDR based Software (RX & TX) written in Python and C

Windows based Software:

SO2SDR Contest Logging & SDR Software by Tor, N4OGW

PowerSDR Flexradios Software

PowerSDR-IQ A PowerSDR fork for extended homebrewing (Si570) support

PowerSDR-UI My (DH1TW’s) PowerSDR fork with a DJ Console as User Interface

GSDR A PowerSDR fork to support Genesis Radio support

WinRad a Receiving Software by I2PHD and WA6KBL

HDSDR (ex WinRadHD) a WinRad fork by Mario DG0JBJ

WRPLUS another WinRad fork

SDR-Radio Remote SDR and much more by Simon, HB9DRV

Rocky excellent RX/TX SDR Software done by Alex, VE3NEA

CFGSR Softrock 9.0 configuration tool (for Si570)

CW-Skimmer awesome CW wideband decoding by Alex, VE3NEA

Pebble basic SDR RX Software by Rich, N1DDY

LinRad Crossplattform SDR progam by Leif, SM5BSZ

DttSP Open Source SDR / DSP Libraries

SoDiRa German SDR Software

Other SDR related sites which are worth a visit:

DJ9CS Bodos website

F4DAN Christophes comprehensive list of SDR projects

DSP-Radio First SDR software for MACs written by Sebastian, DL2SDR