2009: More SDR kits sold than commercial Transceivers?

Softrock kits highly demanded in 2009Did you know that in 2009 more than 6000 Softrock kits have been ordered? Isn’t this an impressive number? Even having no concrete figures how many HF transceivers have been sold this year by the major brands like Yaesu and Icom, the trend is unoverseeable. The popularity of Software Defined Radio has increased significantly in 2009.

Tony, KB9YIG lately sent us some statistics regarding the Softrock kits which have been ordered in 2009:

  • > 500 kits Softrock v9.0 Lite+USB
  • > 1000 kits Softrock v6.3 RXTX+XTAL
  • > 1800 kits Softrock Lite II

Additionally, in total over 2700 supplementary kits:

  • Softrock PA/Filter kits
  • USB I2C Interface kits
  • Electrically switched BPF kits
  • 6m / 2m Converter kits

Softrock is a lowcost Software Defined Radio kit. One of the major success factors of Softrock is that Tony, KB9YIG has taken over the tremendous task to organize and prepare Softrock kits for us. You can enjoy the Software Defined Radio experience with a Softrock kit for less than 20 USD. Thanks to the great softrock development community, there is now a broad variety of kits available, which goes from singleband receivers up to modular multiband transceiver with an amplifier. All Softrock kits can be ordered directly from Tonys website.

Thanks for your great effort Tony!

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  1. The Softrock is a great concept – easy to build, with the help of the forum. My unit, with a 10W amplifier and low pass filter, costs not more than 200E ! compared to the few thousand Euro for a good commercial transceiver, the ration pleasure on cost is unbeatable !

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