Survey on ARRL’s IARU Contest Decisions

Vote ARRL Decision on URE / DA0HQ disputeYesterday I received an overwhelming amount of replies on my personal opinion about ARRL’s IARU Contest decisions. Fellow contester agreed, disagreed and expressed their own opinions. The amount of replies is a proof that our contest community takes this discussion serious. However, it is unclear if these personal opinions are representative for our whole contest community. Now, I would like to take this Question on another level. I just created an Online-Survey / Poll. It takes less than two minutes to answer all Questions! Please participate and spread the word! Your vote counts!

The Survey can be accessed through this link:

The Survey will be online for three days until Tuesday, 15th of June 2010 – 23:59 UTC. I will publish the results the day after on Wednesday 16th of June.

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  1. Braco OE1EMS says:

    great idea….

  2. I understand what you’re trying to do, Tobias, but unfortunately, I think the way you have formulated your survey introduces a strong bias in the results. Of course, the survey is already diminished in value because participation is voluntary and not randomized, but it might have been more persuasive if your preferred answers weren’t so obvious.

    I have proposed to ARRL that they suspend this decision for 2010 and see what happens, then decide before 2011 whether to do away with HQ stations. Not that I think they will listen, but…

  3. Edin E74A says:

    Excellent idea!
    This is happening in a year off WRTC …
    Maybe that Russians have to do cheking logs in 2010.

  4. Norbert Renz says:

    Thanks for informing me per email to post a comment. My view as newcomer: I think the ARRL did right to drive a hard line. The first what a newcomer learns today, is lackof ham spirit. And this is the real problem here. And I think this is not good so.

    Question to OE1EMS: Do you plan the same effort in Austria? I think there is a lot to do here too. Just watch to AOEC. Dozen of calls gave over for artificial QSOs and club stations compete against newcomer in there class and so on. Was that the idea of IARU???

    More comments?

    If no, just pop me from your spam list.

    At this point, a big special THANK YOU to all stations, spend 15 Minutes and more to pick me out of the background noise, even at contest time! That is Ham Spirit! And one such QSO makes value the complete contest!

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