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Ubuntu Ham Radio A couple of weeks ago I migrated one of my older machines to the new Ubuntu 10.04 “Lucid Lynx”. I must admit that Canonical did a tremendous job with their Linux Distribution. Ubuntu is definitely worth a look. It can be booted directly from CD and does not need any installation. It’s stable, fast, has an excellent User Interface and provides applications for all standard needs… and YES, it’s MUCH more secure than Windows! With it’s centralized Software Repository, there is no more need for keeping all your applications individually up to date. This service does everything, just with a single click. Awesome!

And – there is also a Amateur Radio community. Thanks to Martin, AA6E who recently made me aware on this. The PPA (Personal Package Archive) of the Ubuntu Amateur Radio Team takes care of a nice list of Linux Ham Radio applications, including for example the famous GNU Radio, a Software Defined Radio toolkit.

In case you haven’t checked out Ubuntu yet, go to the Ubuntu.com website and download a free copy, burn it on CD and take a testdrive!

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  1. Hello!
    Tobias, thanks for this article.
    It seems to me that Ubuntu interface is very friendly. Unfortunately I use N1MM and I can not start it in Wine-UBUNTU. I still use Win 7 as well as many other hams.

    • Hey Serge,
      yes, Ubuntu is indeed a good alternative. However I admit that I’m also using Windows 7 on two of my PCs. The problem is still, that a lot of good applications are only available for Windows. I’m running Ubuntu on a Desktop (which I use for development) and a netbook. I guess the choice of the operating system is getting less important every day. More and more powerful cloud applications are replacing the traditional desktop apps. So at the end of the day we need just an operation system to run our favorite webbrowser 🙂

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