W3LPL Open House 2011

Have you ever wondered why W3LPL is so loud? This video will tours you through the Super-Station and give you an impression about the effort behind the callsign W3LPL. Frank invites all friends and contesters on an anual basis to the W3LPL Open House. Unfortunately it’s not me who shot the video, I hope I can attend on day a W3LPL Open House party.

Don’t forget to turn on 720px HD, if have sufficent bandwidth.

About Tobias (DH1TW)

Self-confessed Starbucks addict. Loves to travel around the globe. Enjoys the technical preparations of Amateur-Radio contests as much as the contests themselves. Engineer by nature. Entrepreneur. For more, follow him @DH1TW


  1. Jim K1TN says:

    Great video! Who shot it? I visited Frank W3LPL and Phyllis there nearly 20 years ago. It looks like the number of towers has doubled.

  2. After seeing Frank’s INCREDIBLE setup, my station looks somewhat inadequate. Beautiful Station, Fantastic Arrays! 73, Frank!!!

  3. …super…

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